Carbon steel plate

carbon steel plate

What is carbon steel plate ?

Carbon steel is a unique alloy that has a higher concentration of carbon. The CS plate has a carbon content of above 2.5%. The plates have increased strength and have good stress and tolerance to breaking under tension. A CS plate material can be availed in different grades. The high carbon grades have superior strength, while low carbon grades are easy to weld and cut.

The carbon steel plate price is $3.76 per kg. The price of these plates varies based on their size, thickness, and any customizations on the plate. The CS plate weight calculator can be employed to calculate the weight of the plate. The weight can also be calculated using conventional methods. CS plate suppliers supply these plates in different technical conditions as requested by the customer.

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Carbon steel plate thickness chart, grades, specification, chemical composition, and mechanical properties | Contact for ready sizes and price in UAE

Carbon Steel Plate Specification

Carbon Steel Plate Properties

Carbon Steel Plate Gauge Chart

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What are the grades of CS sheet?

Carbon steel is typically designed in three main categories. CS plate grades are available in low carbon, medium carbon, high carbon, and ultra high carbon grades.


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What is the density of kg/m3 of the carbon steel strip?

The density of the CS strip is 7850 kg/m3. The density of carbon steel strip has a lower density than SS.


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What is the astm standard of carbon steel diamond plate ?

Astm is the formal technical requirement that establishes a specification for different production systems and services. The CS diamond plate astm standards are1045, 1018, astm a36, a572 grade gr 42, 50, 55, 60, 65 and a830-1020.


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Carbon steel vs stainless steel

SS is designed with a higher chromium content that gives it a protective layer against corrosion or rust. CS sheet has a higher content of carbon that are prone to corrode when exposed to moisture. CS has better resistance to wear compared to stainless steel. SS is more appealing and used in decorative applications and are expensive than CS specification.


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What is surface treatment of carbon steel plate ?

The surface treatment of CS is employed to add a protective coating. A CS tread plate is usually coated with grease, oil, mill scale, and annealing skin. This helps prevent corrosion after manufacturing and constructing the material.