Carbon Steel Round Bar

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Carbon Steel Round Bar

What is Carbon Steel Round Bar?

A carbon steel round bar is a carbon alloy containing alloys of iron and other constituting alloys. The carbon steel round bar is designed with a circular cross section and has outstanding strength and tolerances. The content of carbon influences the strength, malleability, and toughness of the bar. The Carbon steel rod stock can be designed in a range of sizes to suit customer requirements.

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High Carbon Steel Round Bar vs Low Carbon Steel Rod

Carbon steel is divided into low and high carbon alloys. A High carbon steel round bar is designed with a carbon content of above 0.60%, making it more finicky than a low carbon steel rod. A low Carbon steel rod has a carbon content between 0.05 to 0.30%. Also known as plain or mild carbon, it is more common among the two.

High carbon steel rod is very brittle, and carburization leads to impure elements becoming alloys to the steel rod. The High carbon steel round stock has superior strength and tolerance to low carbon grades and is used in products like springs, wires, etc. A Low carbon steel round bar has lower tensile strengths but is inexpensive compared to the bar containing a higher content of carbon. It can be heat treated or carburized, giving it reasonable strength similar to a High carbon steel flat bar.

Difference between carbon steel hex bar, square bar and flat bar

carbon steel hex bar, square bar and flat bar

Carbon steel bars can be designed in hex, square and flat shapes. A Carbon steel flat bar is designed having a rectangular cross sectional area. These bars are utilized in structural support systems. Carbon steel rectangular bar is long and flat and is preferred in applications where the shape and tolerance of products are not mandatory. The Carbon steel square bar is designed with a square cross sectional area. These bars are a good choice in general assembly and manufacturing units. A CS hex bar is a 6 sided grade designed with a hexagonal cross section. These bars have good mobility and can be easily moved through tough spots.

Difference between carbon steel bright bar and black bar?

A black bar is formed via the rolling process as hot billets are passed through metal to shape them. A Carbon steel bright bar is an advanced version of a black bar. These bright bars have enhanced surface finish and strength compared to the latter. However, black bars are cheaper and easier to form than bright bars.

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CS Round Bar Specifications

Material Material Carbon Steel
Hex Bar size Hex Bar Size 2-100mm A/F
Square Bar size Square Bars Size 4 to 100mm
Rectangles Size Rectangles Size 33 x 30mm to 295 x 1066mm
Pressure Pressure PN0.25—PN42Ma
Dimensions Dimensions DIN, ASME, JIS, AISI, EN, ASTM, BS
Surface Surface Bright, Cold Drawn, Hot Rolled Pickled, Polished, Sand Blasting Finished, Hairline
Channel Bar Channel Bars 80 x 40mm to 150 x 75mm section

CS Round Bar Grades

CS Round Bar Grades

  • ASTM A350 LF2 CS Bright Bars
  • ASTM A105 Steel Bars
  • 9Cr1Mo High CS Round Bars
  • 080M40 / C45 Steel Rod
  • 070M55 / C60 CS Hex Bar
  • 070M20 / C20 Steel Flat Bars

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High Carbon Steel Round Bar Price List

Price in INR Rs. 418 Rs. 65 Rs. 864
Price in USD US $5.43 US $0.85 US $11.23
Price in UAE Dirham UAE Dirham 19.65 UAE Dirham 3.06 UAE Dirham 40.61
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Low Carbon Steel Round Bar Types

Carbon Steel T-Bar

36mm Carbon Steel T-Bars

Carbon Steel Triangle Bar

10mm Carbon Steel Triangle Bar

Carbon Steel Threaded Bar

25mm Carbon Steel Threaded Bar

Carbon Steel Flat Bar

8mm Carbon Steel Flat Bars

Carbon Steel Polished Round Bar

50.8 mm Carbon Steel Polished Round Bar

Carbon Steel Hollow Bar

1/2″ Carbon Steel Hollow Bars

Carbon Steel Precistion Stock

20mm Carbon Steel Precistion Stock

Carbon Steel Rods

32mm Carbon Steel Rods

Carbon Steel Half Round Bar

16mm Carbon Steel Half Round Bar

Carbon Steel Square Bars

12mm Carbon Steel Square Bars

Carbon Steel Round Bar

6.35mm Carbon Steel Round Bar

Carbon Steel Hex Bar

10″ Carbon Steel Hex Bars

Where to buy CS Bar Stock ?

Carbon Steel Bar Stock

Carbon Steel Round Bar Weight Chart

0.0254 1/16 inch 0.03302 0.03048 0.02794
0.04318 5/64 inch 0.05588 0.04826 0.04572
0.05842 3/32 inch 0.07366 0.0635 0.06096
0.07874 7/64 inch 0.09906 0.08636 0.08382
0.10668 1/8 inch 0.13462 0.11684 0.11176
0.13462 9/64 inch 0.17018 0.14732 0.14224
0.1651 5/32 inch 0.21082 0.18288 0.17526
0.20066 11/64 inch 0.254 0.22098 0.21082
0.23876 3/16 inch 0.3048 0.26416 0.25146
0.2794 13/64 inch 0.3556 0.30734 0.29464
0.32512 7/32 inch 0.41402 0.35814 0.3429
0.37338 15/64 inch 0.47498 0.41148 0.3937
0.42418 1/4 inch 0.54102 0.46736 0.44704
0.47752 17/64 inch 0.6096 0.52578 0.50546
0.53594 9/32 inch 0.68326 0.59182 0.56642

Is CS Round Bar Recyclable

Is CS Round Bar Recyclable

Carbon steel rod available in round, rectangular, square and flat form, bright bar as per the International standards such as AISI, DIN, SAE, JIS, UNS, BS, GB, ASTM, EN

International standard

Application of CS Round Bar

  • Gas Processing
  • Chemical Equipment
  • Off-Shore Oil Drilling Companies
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Condensers
  • Petrochemicals
  • Sea Water Equipment
  • Power Generation
  • Specialty Chemicals
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Pharmaceutical Equipment
  • Pulp and Paper Industry

CS Round Bars HS Code

HS Code: 7214

The following is a list of CS Round Bar Grades