Carbon steel sweep outlet

Carbon steel sweep outlet

What Is Carbon Steel Swept Outlet?

This olet branched fitting is contoured on one end with the branch being attached at a 90-degree angle. An ASTM A105 Sweepolet is preferred for pipes with smaller bore sizes and applications that have low-pressure requirements.

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Where is ASTM A105 Sweepolet Used?

Sectors such as the chemical industry, petroleum, shipbuilding, and electric power plants typically use A694 Grade F60 Sweep Outlets in their day-to-day application. Although it offers a leak-proof connection, this type of an olet is best used for low-pressure applications.

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Advantage of CS Sweep Outlet

As they have a contoured base, unlike most olets, High Yield F52 Sweep Outlets are significantly easier to install. This is because it can sit over the header pipe while it is being welded. And to check the integrity of the weld, it is possible to examine it by either non-destructive techniques, radiography or ultrasound. They also cost lower than regular tee fittings. As a reinforced fitting, a reinforcing Pad is not required. A carbon steel swept outlet requires less space and permits uninterrupted flow.

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Why Prefer LTCS Sweepolet Over Conventional Branch Connection?

Usually, conventional fittings require a lot of space and they tend to take up a lot of time during installation. But in the case of an A105N Carbon Steel 90 Deg Sweepolet, the duration to install it to a pipe is shorter and much easier. And because they tend to be smaller than conventional fittings they are cost-effective. Their chemical composition is mostly carbon, which is another reason the olet remains inexpensive.

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What Sizes Do Low Temperature Carbon Steel Swept Outlet Fittings Come In?

The Low-Temperature Carbon Steel Sweep Outlet are available in a size range between 1/8″ to 20″ or 6 NB to 500NB.

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Are ASTM A350 LF2 45 Degree Sweepolet Suitable For Oil & Gas Application Use?

Yes, an ASTM A350 LF2 45 Degree Sweepolet has good mechanical strength and toughness, properties which are considered to be desirable in a demanding application like the oil and gas industry.