Carbon Steel Threaded Outlet

Carbon Steel Threaded Outlet

What Is Carbon Steel Threaded Outlet?

It is similar in appearance to the weldolet, with the distinction of having threads on the inside of the olet. The branched connection of the carbon steel threaded outlet is a threaded one

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Difference Between 3000 LB and 9000 LB in ASTM A105 Threadolet?

Compared to the 3000 lb class ASTM A105 Threadolet, the pressure bearing capacity for the 9000 lbs fitting is much higher. The higher the value of the pressure rating, the higher its ability to withstand pressure.

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Features of CS Forged Threaded Olets

They have a similar appearance to weldolets and are welded to a run pipe near. But they form a secure connection with the branch because they mate with its external threads. As they mate with the branch, it is easier to install and dismantle the CS Forged Threaded Olets. Cheaper than all stainless steel grades, these are used in demanding applications because of their high mechanical properties.

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Applications of LTCS Threaded Branch Outlet

Low-Temperature Carbon Steel Threaded Outlet Fittings are ideal for applications that need lower temperatures. Most carbon steel alloys perform well in high-temperature applications because they have a high content of carbon. However, this alloy is specifically designed to work in lower temperatures below – 150oF. Mostly chemical processing plants or cement manufacturing sectors rely on an LTCS Threaded Branch Outlet because they are inexpensive, yet can withstand low temperatures. To improve the corrosion properties, often they are coated with zinc or galvanized.

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What Are The Disadvantages Of ASTM A350 LF2 Carbon Steel Threadolet?

The main disadvantage of the ASTM A350 LF2 Carbon Steel Threadolet is that it lacks good corrosion resistance properties, especially when compared to stainless steel alloys. This can be remedied to some extent with a coat of zinc or by galvanizing it. Another disadvantage is the excess carbon content tends to make welding tougher.

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How Do You Install Low Temperature Carbon Steel Threaded Outlet Fittings?

Similar to weldolets, the basic setup would involve attaching it to the head pipe (after a hole is cut in the pipe). The head pipe will have the same measurements as the opening on the non-threaded side. Once the hole is cut an ASTM A105N NPT Threaded Outlet is to be welded and the final part of the installation is to attach the branch threaded pipe by mating it to the threaded fitting.