Cast iron ball valve

Cast iron ball valve

On the basis of class, there are 5 main types of cast iron ball valves which are three-piece, single-piece, split body, welded and top entry. Important to note that all these types perform in the same way but the only difference lies in how the pieces of valves are manufactured and assembled, especially the ball itself containing the casing.

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ASTM A126 Class B cast iron flanges ball valves suppliers in UAE

It is very important to check or test a cast iron ball float valve. Testing is done in this case to ensure that it provides resistance to leakage along with some other factors to ensure its proper functionality. Below are some ideal ways for inspection or testing:

  • Firstly, at a certain temperature, they body of the valve gets filled with a testing fluid.
  • Usually for almost a minute, pressure is applied up to a certain limit length of time.
  • For checking the leakage, it is measured across the elements such as stem, closure mechanism or seat, or by using physical instruments while virtually being inspected.
  • At last, it contains final visual inspection and it indicates whether it was damages during the testing procedure or not.

Specification of Cast iron ball valve

Cast Iron Ball Valve Specification

Cast iron ball valve standards CI ball valve size Pressure rating
  • ASME B16.34
  • DIN 3357
  • DN 15 to DN 200
  • PN16
  • PN10
Cast iron ball check valve components Max Pressure ASTM A126 class b cast iron ball valve end connections
  • Body
  • Stem
  • Seats
  • Gland Seals
  • Hand Sleeve
  • Plug
  • Yoke
  • 16 Bars
  • FF
  • RF
Bore Seat Material Below listed Cast iron ball valve suppliers also stock following brands
  • Full bore
  • PTFE
  • Parker
  • Oliver valves
  • Hamlet
  • Swagelok
  • Rose mount
  • Hoke
Operation Threads Temperature
  • Air Actuators
  • Gear Box
  • Electric Actuators
  • Pneumatic
  • JIC
  • BSPT
  • NPT
  • BSP
  • -10°C to 100°C
CI ball valve Application Testing Inspection & Test
  • Electricity
  • Water supply
  • drainage
  • water treatment
  • oil
  • PMI Testing
  • Ultrasonic Test
  • Mechanical Testing
  • Spectro Tests
  • Hydrostatic Testing
  • API 598
  • DIN 3230
Face to Face Dimensions Packing Seal Material
  • ASME B16.10
  • DIN 3202 F4
  • DIN 3202 F5
  • Inner Box
  • One Piece Packing
  • Wooden Crate/Box
  • Standard Export Packaging
  • NBR
Working Pressure List of projects where below listed Cast iron ball valve manufacturers has supplied
  • 500 psi
  • Cartegana LNG Terminal – Spain
  • singapore LNG terminal – Singapore
  • Tongyeong LNG Terminal – South Korea
  • Rasgas 3 LNG Plant – Qatar

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ASTM A126 class b cast iron ball valve suppliers in Dubai, check cast iron ball float valve pressure rating as per ASTM A126

3 way cast iron ball valve and cast iron ball check valve leakage test as per API 598 standard
BS gr. 250 ball valves with leakage testing as per API-598 in Sharjah, cast iron ball float valve available in custom sizes

3 way cast iron ball valve body material

Cast Iron Ball Valve Material