Cast iron threaded pipe fittings

Cast iron threaded pipe fittings

What are cast iron threaded pipe fittings?

Cast iron pipe fittings are applied for soil pipes. They are also applicable in construction, waste, vent piping, etc. The cast iron threaded pipe fittings are sealed with a female threaded coupling and a threading compound.

The Cast iron pipe fittings have high abrasion resistance. They are highly durable materials and are widely used in construction and sanitary sectors. They also have a soundproofing property which makes them applicable in neoprene gaskets and hubless couplings. They are available in sizes from 1 ½ inch to 15 inches.

Cast iron threaded pipe fittings specification

Cast iron threaded pipe fittings material

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Can you weld cast iron threaded pipe fittings with mild steel mig wire?

Yes, welding cast iron threaded pipe with steel MIG wire is possible. However, the results could be better; hence it is mostly not preferred. Ci threaded fittings class 125 are one of the alloys that are generally difficult to weld.

One of the limitations of the welding process of cast iron fittings is its high carbon content. Due to carbon migration, there is an occurrence of hardening and brittleness during welding. Though MIG steel wire can be applicable for welding, the ideal approach is to use MMA arc welding.

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Is threading possible on a cast iron fittings?

Yes, threading is possible on cast iron fittings. However, it is not recommended because of the cast iron threaded fittings’ brittleness.

Moreover, the threads will also be unable to take tensile loads making the process even more challenging.

However, it can be a suitable option if you want to opt for threading cast iron fittings in low-pressure pipes with less tensile loads. But, it is contraindicated to be used in high-pressure pipes with increased tensile loads.

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Advantage of cast iron pipe fittings

Cast iron pipe fittings have many advantages; they are:

  • Cast iron threaded pipe fittings have high durability.
  • They have superior abrasion resistance.
  • They mostly do not react with other materials or chemicals; hence they have a wide range of applications.
  • They assist in reducing the noise that happens with the contact of the pipe and pipe fittings.
  • They have a straightforward installation process.
  • They are highly versatile, as you can use any method to join them.
  • They also are highly budget-friendly pipe fitting options, unlike other materials.
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Is white cast iron screwed elbow brittle or ductile?

White cast iron formation occurs due to the solidification of carbon in the solution. Hence, a white Cast iron screwed elbow is extremely hard but brittle.

White cast iron is the only form in which carbon is present as carbide. The presence of a high amount of carbides in an alloy makes it very hard and brittle too. The alloy, however, could be more ductile as it is challenging to machine them.

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How to remove rust from cast iron threaded nipple?

The best way to remove rust from cast iron fittings is to use vinegar and salt. To remove rust from Cast iron threaded drainage fittings, you must pour vinegar on the rusted part and sprinkle salt on top. After some time, you must scrub the rusted area with a scouring pad.

The action of vinegar and salt disintegrates and degrades the rust, which, on scrubbing with the scouring pad, can help remove the rust from a cast iron threaded nipple.

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