Castle nuts

Castle nuts

What does a castle nut look like?

A castle nut is a type of hexagonal cross sectional shape. The Castle Nuts looks like a caste head. These nuts have slots that are cut into one of the ends of the fastener. The Slotted Barrel Nut is incorrectly defined as castigated nuts that resemble the parapet of a medieval castle. The versatile Round Slotted Nuts allow a secure connection with bolts to create a strong connection.

Castle Nuts specifications and dimensions

Castle Nut Specifications

Castle Nut Dimensions

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What are castle nuts made of?

Castle nuts are designed with different alloying elements. The Metric Castle Nuts can be availed in stainless, carbon, duplex, super duplex, brass, zinc, titanium, and other alloys. Finished Hex Castle Nuts alloying components allow them to work in corrosive and oxidative media in harsh environments.

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What is the difference between a castle nut and a slotted nut?

A castle and slotted nuts are two types of nuts with nearly identical characteristics but have some differences. The Slotted Nuts diameter is the same as the main wrenching section, like a nut. In the castle nut, the end section is slightly turned down, allowing the split pin to be wound around and pinned efficiently.

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Are castellated nuts positive locking?

A castellated nut has a positive locking device. This Castellated Nut is a lower torque application that acts as a kind of lock nut. This combines with a cotter pin; you can lock the assembly down efficiently. The Metric Slotted Nuts can be fully or partially threaded across their length.

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What size is a slotted barrel nut?

The slotted barrel nut is a high tensile strength bolt that allows excellent load carrying capacity. A Slotted Barrel Nut is designed in metric sizes from M10 to M100 with imperial sizes of 3/8 to 8 inches.

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Why are hex castle nuts grooved heads?

The hex castle nuts are six sided fasteners that are designed having a grooved head. Hexagon Slotted Nuts grooves allow it to insert a cotter pin through the nut and into the hole in the shank of the bolt. This allows the Slotted Hex Nut from slipping off from the attached bolt. These nuts are often utilized in shafts, automotive, machinery applications, etc.