Check valves

Check valves

What are check valves?

Valves are used to regulate the flow of fluids in the desired direction and volume. The valves vary in type according to the needs. The Check valves are specific valves that are designed to make sure that the flow doesn’t return in the opposite direction. This is important in fluid flow systems where the pressure difference can cause the flow to change directions upstream or downstream.

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Where should a check valve be installed?

Check valves have to be installed in locations where the inlet of the valve has to be in the downright position or the down most position so as to make sure the control is applied upstream. The Double check valves can be installed where the pressure is high and connections are complex. The valves are installed in a way that they always direct the flow from the down direction to the up direction, or from sideways to the upwards direction. The Wafer check valves is designed in a way that it will always direct the flow toward the intended direction. If the flow is needed to return in the opposite direction, then check valves are not the right option.

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Why do check valves fail?

As the flow continues, there will be stress and vibrations in the system. If the Air compressor check valves gets too much flutter, dust accumulation, or vibration, the valve might start to leak. The failure can result in less pressure capacity in the beginning. The valve might fail at high pressures. It is wise to replace or repair an Air check valve as it shows signs of failure. If the valves is damaged with internal corrosion, crack, or dust accumulation, then the valves might even start to allow reverse flow.

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Should check valve be horizontal or vertical?

There are different types of check valves that are used in different applications. The Pool check valve can be added to the line in either a vertical or horizontal position. However, the flow is directed upstream, and never downstream. To facilitate the control system, there are variations in the valves such as the Dual plate check valve which is meant to operate at a higher pressure level. Most systems are designed to install the check valves in the upstream direction because this valves mechanism operates best when the reverse flow excerpts more pressure on the outlet of the valve. This requires the valves to be fitted either vertically or horizontally, but to load the fluids in an upright direction.

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What happens if check valve is installed backwards?

If a check valves is installed in a backward direction, it should have a reverse flow; but it won’t happen because the pressure is applied on the Vacuum check valves, and in the backward position, the incoming fluid would apply the pressure on the closing mechanism and the valve will close. This will mean that there is no flow. As the pressure builds up, the Fuel check valve or any other check valve will either crack and break or shut down the fluid flow system.

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Do check valves allow flow in both directions?

No, Industrial check valves and domestic check valves are meant to direct the flow in only one direction. The purpose of this valve is to make sure that the impurities, sewage, effluents, or any other material that is not desired to return in the flow don’t return to the pipe. The flanged check valve and other types of valves are connected with the pipelines in different methods. Depending on the valves type, the pipe material, and the application, the connection type varies.

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