Chrome hollow bar

Chrome Hollow Bar

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Cold-drawn seamless tubes make hollow bars, also known as chrome-plated tubes. A precise thickness is achieved by polishing and grinding the outside diameter of these bars. Such a chrome hollow steel bar can also be called chrome-plated OD tubing. Hydraulic cylinders utilize these rods as chrome hollow rods. With the rod, hydraulic power will be converted into linear motion, which is essentially what the rod is used for. These hollow bars help prevent abrasive media entry into the hydraulic system. This will place specific demands and restrictions on the part of the rod.

Chrome hollow bar sizes, specification, chemical composition and mechanical properties

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Steel tubing is used in various applications, from drive shafts to suspension links, steering rods, and other components. Also, it is a common misconception that a chrome hollow round rod is stronger and bends faster than a hollow tube of the same material. The reason behind the same is explained as under.

The truth is that a solid rod is more robust than a hollow tube in every way for the same material. The reason is that it is tough to compare the flexural strength of the two materials. It is recommended to go through the outside diameter and chrome hollow bar thickness charts for easy understanding.

Chrome plated hollow bar are primarily used in applications that require shafts or rods

Does hollow chrome bar finish rust proof?

Iron oxides are produced when iron molecules in metal react with oxygen in the presence of water. Orange-brown flakes are formed on an exposed steel surface for a considerable period. Acids or harsh industrial chemicals may also cause metals to react. It would be exposed to additional corrosion until it disintegrates if nothing is done to stop the corrosion from continuing. Using galvanization, hollow chrome shafts can be preserved.

Even though not all metals contain iron, oxidizing processes can still cause them to rust or tarnish. Chrome plating won’t rust, but when it’s damaged, it can look not very interesting. The hollow chrome bar may rust if the plating is damaged accidentally or naturally over time because of wear and tear.

Hollow chrome shaft weight chart give infromation for specific size & weight

Will a magnet stick to chrome hollow round bar?

Hard chrome hollow round bars have the advantage of also reducing the loaded weight of the machine. The magnetic component is the cause this time. The chrome has a highly polished finish and is incredibly smooth. In contrast, stainless steel is slightly duller, showing machining marks on the surface when machined. For most strippers or chemical agents, the same principle applies passively. The steel reacts and deposits copper on the surface, making Cuso4 a valuable indicator for distinguishing steel from chromium. Chromium is non-magnetic, whereas the metal substrate is usually magnetic. That said, it is ideal to go for hollow chrome rods.

6 mm and 9 mm chrome hollow round rod are often used as stirrups for beams and columns

Which is more durable hollow chrome rod or stainless steel?

Some alloy elements are challenging to work with when selecting the proper rod or bar. Hard chrome plated hollow bars only last for a short time as stainless steel rods. However, when the same component is used, there is much more sparkle and shine. It won’t show fingerprints, but the chrome plating won’t rust. This makes the object lighter than stainless steel because it is cheaper. They are easier to maintain, more resistant to corrosion, and more resistant to stains than chrome hollow shafts. Better corrosion resistance, durability, scratch and dent resistance than chrome plated hollow bar.