Class 900 flange

Class 900 Flange

What is a Class 900 Flange?

The flanges are such connectors which are made for various purposes with different materials and specifications. Class 900 is one of the medium-level pressure classes available in the ASME B16.5 classification. The Class 900 flanges can be used at medium-level pressure applications at medium-level temperatures.

Class 900 Flange dimensions, pressure rating, weight and specification

Class 900 Flange Specification

Class 900 Flange Dimensions

Class 900 Flange Pressure Rating

Check ANSI B16 5 class 900 blind flanges dimension in mm

Which manufacturing method produces the strongest ANSI B16 5 Class 900 blind flange?

Forging is the best method to produce flanges with the best grain distribution. The CL900 Lap Joint flanges can be made by forging a single piece of the raw material which makes the flange stronger and has an even distribution of physical characteristics throughout the body of the class 900 ms flanges. The other methods involve extra procedures which do not bring the flanges as strong as the forging methods.

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How to choose the Right Class 900 flange Size in petrochemical industry?

Cl 900 Alloy Steel flanges has a size range of ½ inch to 24 inches and accompanying wall thicknesses. The material also means the difference in the pressure capacity and other mechanical properties. Even if the pressure class is the same as the ASA 900 Threaded flanges, the ductility, the corrosion resistance and other properties of the flanges vary from flange to flange.

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Check which origin is best to buy Stainless Steel Class 900 plate flange in Dubai?

There are many hubs and distributors in the Middle East; Dubai is a potential origin for purchasing class 900 stainless steel flanges and other types. However, other options like the Indian and Chinese markets have to be considered. It also depends on which location you need the class 900 slip on flanges to be shipped to. If your options all fit and the costs are good, then you can select your location for purchase. Watch out for the seller rating though.

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How long do ASME b16.5 class 900 pipe flange last?

That’s a tricky question. Each flanges has a different use case. Even the same type of flange in the same pressure class applied in the same industrial complex can have a different lifetime than another flanges in the same system. The ASME B16.5 Class 900 slip on flanges is influenced by the interior, the external environment, the corrosive nature, the temperature exposure, the operational time, and the number of times it was removed and put back. The 900LB Forged flanges can last on average over 10 years. Depending on the nature of the applications, they can last either longer or shorter.

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What are the advantages & disadvantages of Alloy Steel 900 lb weld neck flange?

Alloy steel class 900 weld neck flanges has high corrosion resistance, high abrasion resistant, high tensile strength, and high yield strength. The flanges are made to reduce the space required for fittings. The flanges can be fitted easily with bolts and nuts and can be removed easily when needed. However, the 900# Socket Weld flanges is connected with bolts and nuts and has the potential to leak when the pipes misalign, deform or the outer and inner environments change rapidly.