CNC stainless steel parts

CNC stainless steel parts

Before we understand what benefits are offered by CNC stainless steel parts across wide range of industries, below are some manufacturing processes that must be seen:

Milling: under this method, it involves an operation where the rotation of cutting tool takes place. Adding to this, chip is removed when the milling tool comes in contact with the workpiece. Methods such as boring, taping, face milling, end milling, etc are used for milling stainless steel machined parts.

Turning: opposite to milling, workpiece is rotated instead of the cutting tools. This method is mainly used for manufacturing shafts.

Grinding: this method mainly focuses for providing a top notch and high quality surface finish for this part. It does so by removing the material by the means of rotating grinded wheel.

Drilling: under this method, drills are used to produce a hole by using the tip of the tool.

When speaking ideally about the economical methodology, CNC method of machining is often considered to be the most ideal method mainly because unique properties also get prohibited.

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Other than offering good resistance to corrosion, below are some other advantages of using a stainless steel cnc parts:

  • They exhibit excellent strength characteristics. Adding to this, we can achieve high mechanical strength by further heat treating.
  • Chemical deterioration is also resisted.
  • When exposed to high-level temperature scenarios, they retain their properties; which other grades tend to lose or even melt.
  • Because of the low maintenance cost, they are widely demanded by industrial demands and standards.

CNC stainless steel parts specification

cnc stainless steel parts specification

Max. stainless steel machined parts dimensions Tolerances Parameters for manufacturing of stainless steel parts
  • Length: X 26″ – 48″
  • Width Y 14″
  • Height Z 12″

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  • +/- .001″ for stainless steel CNC parts length, width, and height
  • Cutting speed
  • Voltage
  • RPMs
Stainless steel machined parts manufacturing process G-code vs M-code Full form of technical innovations used by stainless steel parts manufacturers
  • Computer numerical control
  • Fully automated
  • Designing the parts in CAD software
  • Fabrication process in CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) software
  • Stainless steel parts manufacturers use 3D model for dimensions and properties
  • G-code : movement and speed of cutting heads
    • G00 – Rapid traverse
    • G01 – Linear interpolation
    • G28 – Returns to machine axis reference point
  • M-code : machine code or miscellaneous code (gives all the information such as program stops, coolant and tool changes etc)
    • M03 – Spindle start Clockwise & Anticlockwise
    • M04 – Spindle start Clockwise & Anticlockwise
    • M30 – Program end
  • CNC full form: Computer numerical control
  • CAD full form: Computer Aided Design
  • CMM full form: Coordinate Measuring Machines
Automated processes name to manufacture CNC stainless steel parts Standard Equipments
  • Milling
  • Turning
  • Grinding
  • Routing
  • Drilling
International manufacturing standard for CNC machining service

  • ISO 2768
  • ASME Y14.5
  • DIN ISO 2768 general tolerances classes: f-fine, m-medium, v-very coarse, c-coarse
  • DIN ISO 2768 geometrical tolerances: H, K, and L
  • MIL-STD-8 military standard
  • ANSI
  • ASME
  • AS
  • ISO
  • ASTM
  • CSA
  • Mil-Spec
  • RoHS
  • QS
  • TS
  • SAE


  • Milling
  • CAD design services
  • CAM programming services
  • Reverse engineering
  • Machinery Axis: 3 – 4
  • CNC router
Services Other services Stainless steel machining parts applications & industries
  • Assembly
  • Milling
  • Drilling
  • Deep hole drilling
  • Boring
  • Tapping
  • Pressing
  • Reaming
  • External & internal threading
  • Broaching
  • Counterboring
  • Countersinking
  • Corner rounding
  • Edge breaking
  • Facing
  • Pocketing
  • Profiling
  • Engraving
  • Reaming
  • Part marking
  • Dot peening
  • Anodizing
  • Plating
  • Passivating
  • Surface grinding
  • Welding
  • Chromating
  • Laser engraving
  • Chemical etch
  • Heat treating

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  • Aerospace
  • Chemical
  • Alternative energy
  • Automotive
  • Automation
  • Defense industry
  • Biotechnology
  • Food processing
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Agricultural and farming
  • Marine
  • Nuclear plants
  • Mining
  • Heavy equipment
  • Pumps
  • Machine tools
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Material handling and processing
  • Power generation
  • Nanotechnology manufacturing
  • Tool and die
  • Pneumatics
  • Textile
  • Valves


Types of Finishing in manufacturing of stainless steel parts Lead time Why contact listed stainless steel milling parts manufacturers on
  • Black Oxide
  • Passivation
  • Electropolishing
  • Nickel Plating
  • ENP
  • Tumble Polishing
  • Media Blasting
  • Zinc Plating
  • Powder Coating
  • Vibratory Tumbling


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  • Inspections & quality testing using CMM or laser scanners
  • Get material certification
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  • ISO 13485 compliant products
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Stainless steel milling parts and SS CNC parts with tight tolerance in Dubai

In order to machine stainless steel machining parts, you can make use of stainless steel of maximum thickness 1mm, for the grades that deliver unique and good performance.

Adding to this, the minimum wall thickness for stainless steel that is permissible for use case is 0.5mm.

When speaking about the tolerance factor, stainless steel parts manufacturers use the stainless steel for CNC machining up to +/- .005; and this is the value restricted only for metals.

Also, when one uses a CNC machine for stainless steel machining purpose, it shows good accuracy. This is observed even when tight tolerance is chosen.

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Because wide range of benefits are observed and seen in machined stainless steel parts, below are some of the industries that demand for this component:

  • In automobile industries, we make use of stainless steel CNC machined parts mainly for engine parts, frame, exhaust, body, and much more.
  • Used as medical tweezers, scalpels of steels, wheelchairs, etc, in medical industries.
  • Widely demanded in aircraft industries, it widely used for preventing corrosion or rust. This is mainly used and found in landing gears.
CNC stainless steel parts suppliers in Dubai offers 100% QC and various surface treatment

Differences emerge for a stainless steel which is machined and a stainless steel milling parts.

For a stainless steel with a CNC machining, it involves a CNC controller-that controls the center of CNC machining.

On the other hand, CNC rotary table can be equipped for a machining center. This is done to find out functioning of 4 or 5 axes. In the case of milling, it has only the functions: x, y and z.

Experts’ advice to improve the stainless-steel CNC machining efficiency

It is very important to make sure that the manufacturing of stainless steel parts is done in association with good efficiency in its machining. To maintain this characteristic, below are some considerations:

  • Make sure to upgrade your equipment that you use for machining a stainless steel. It is very important to keep a check on technological advancements too.
  • Another characteristic to keep in mind is to push the efficiency level and go limitless for tooling.
  • Thirdly, make sure that it is machined and tested. Examine the testing methods of machining a steel and then purchase. If found any defects, revert back to the stainless steel parts manufacturers
  • Try to maintain multiple operation mode, to ensure efficient and accurate machining procedure. This also helps to maintain the time factor.

Considering all the above scenarios, ensures that customers do not face any issues or other degraded problems related to the product chose.

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cnc stainless steel parts material

Stainless steel machined parts linear and angular dimensions as per ISO 2768 Part 1

Permissible deviations of stainless steel machining parts in mm
Size range in mm Tolerances class
Tolerances class
Tolerances class
(very coarse)
Tolerances class
0.5 up to 3 ±0.1 ±0.05 ±0.2
3 up to 6 ±0.1 ±0.05 ±0.5 ±0.3
6 up to 30 ±0.2 ±0.1 ±1.0 ±0.5
30 up to 120 ±0.3 ±0.15 ±1.5 ±0.8
120 up to 400 ±0.5 ±0.2 ±2.5 ±1.2
400 up to 1000 ±0.8 ±0.3 ±4.0 ±2.0
1000 up to 2000 ±1.2 ±0.5 ±6.0 ±3.0
2000 up to 4000 ±2.0 ±8.0 ±4.0

CNC stainless steel parts