Cobalt spring

Cobalt Springs

What are Cobalt springs?

An Cobalt spring is a fastener that has innovative material showcasing superior strength. The Cobalt Springs are age-hardenable alloys designed with cobalt, chromium, and nickel as their primary alloys. These springs have good resistance to corrosive and oxidative media. These Cobalt Extension Springs showcase excellent fatigue strength and are non-magnetic. These springs operate in cryogenic temperatures and temperatures up to 454 degrees C. The Uns 30003 Leaf Springs absorb shocks and stress to allow securing of different moving parts. The lightweight springs are immune to crevice and stress corrosion even at the highest levels. These Din 2.4711 Disc Springs have greater efficiency and superior biocompatible characteristics. These springs showcase good modulus of elasticity and rigidity. A Phynox Spring Wire is used in different applications and can be customized as per project requirements.

Cobalt Spring Specifications

Cobalt Spring Properties

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Benefits of Cobalt spring material

An Cobalt spring is designed with a density of 8.30 g/cm3 that allow them to absorb stress and shocks efficiently. The Cobalt Spring Material has excellent strength and superior fatigue strength. This material can handle stress corrosion cracking and have good workability in high temperatures. They are non-magnetic and have good ductility and mechanical properties.

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Does stretching a Cobalt coil spring weaken it?

Stretching of the coil spring has elastic limits. If you stretch the Cobalt Coil Spring over the limit for extended periods it will weaken. It will also take a longer time to snap it back, making it weaker.

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What are the applications of Cobalt compression springs?

An Cobalt compression spring is biocompatible and has good corrosion resistance. The Cobalt Compression Springs are used in medical devices, aerospace, nuclear reactors, submarines, chemical processing systems, etc.

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How do you calculate Cobalt alloy torsion springs torque?

The Cobalt spring torque is calculated the same way you calculate its working load. Cobalt Alloy Spring Torsion Springs torque can be calculated by dividing the spring rate by the deflection required for to spring to travel.

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How stiff a AMS 5833 Cobalt tension spring is?

The stiffness of an Cobalt tension is based on the coils and modulus elasticity. The AMS 5833 Cobalt Tension Spring has good stiffness, but it’s based on various characteristics of the grade.