Code 61 flange

Code 61 flange

What is code 61 flange?

SAE stands for Society of Automotive Engineers and SAE Flange is a material used in industries that are designed to provide an alternative to the conventional method of connecting pipe, hose, tube, and other equipment. It is preferred over the conventional method because it forms a leak-free connection. Code 61 Flange is one of the two pressure classes of SAE Flange. Code 62 forms another pressure class of the Flange. Code 61 represents the pressure class 3000 PSI and is designed to be used in low-pressure applications. Code 62 on the other hand, is used where a high-pressure application is required.

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Code 61 Flange Specification

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What are the properties of SAE code 61 flange o-ring?

Flanges are attaching instruments to other objects or systems. They are used widely in different industries and are composed of different kinds of elements. The presence of different elements determines the properties of the Flange and thus they function accordingly. SAE Code 61 Flange O-ring handles a working pressure of 34 to 345 in bars which is 3,000 psi. The size of Code 61 differs from 3/8” – 5”. The 3-inch code 61 flange is used extensively in various industries. Additionally, Code 61 is made of stainless steel SS316L and Carbon Steel S355/ST52.3. It is perfectly suitable for use in highly corrosive and harsh environments. Flanges such as Code 61 blind flange show a high durability level.

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How to identify a code 61 anchor flange?

SAE Code 61 and 62 Flanges contain the male connector that has a flange head with an O Ring groove on the face. To accept the O Ring, and four threaded bolt holes in a rectangular pattern, the female can be a flange block or port with a smooth face. The flanges can be identified as the connection in them being held together using either a split or solid flange clamp. This clamp is fitted over the male flange head and drawn up to the female port using the four bolts.

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What is the standard size of code 61 blank flange used in the oil and gas industry?

The SAE flanges, also precisely known as SAE J518, divide two different types of flanges in codes depending on the pressure they can handle. Similarly, different sizes of flanges are used in different industries so that it fits right and provides a precise function. Code 61 blank flanges in sizes ranging from 3/4” to 3” is commonly used worldwide to connect larger sizes of hose and tubing fluid power systems. Fluid industries include the oil and gas industry as well. In general, the size of these Code 61 captive flanges ranges from 3/8” – 5” which are used accordingly in different industries.

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What advantages of code 61 hydraulic flange?

Hydraulic Flanges are used extensively in various industries. While being able to hold a good amount of pressure, they are used in the following fields of industry including Industrial Hydraulics, Injection Moulding Machinery, and Aluminium Die-Casting Machinery. Code 61 Companion Flanges are also used in sintering machinery, steel mills, hydraulic presses, and paper processing. Code 61 Hydraulic Flanges prove to be very advantageous when used. They offer a larger capacity for connection as they can accommodate up to 5 inches of tubes, pipes, etc. They are suitable for use with high-pressure applications. They are designed to ensure easy disassembly through the use of a split flange. Only a seal is required between pipes and the system with such flanges.

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Does code 61 SAE hydraulic flanges corrode easily?

The Hydraulic SAE Flanges are extensively used in oil systems in many industrial sectors such as shipbuilding, machine tools, mobile hydraulic equipment, earth-moving machines, etc. Working with fluid mechanics, the equipment used in such flanges needs to be corrosion free. Code 61 SAE Hydraulic Flanges are corrosion resistance equipment, especially when processed with salt water. Therefore, it can be said that hydraulic flanges don’t actually corrode easily because they are made up of materials that avoid corrosion.