Code 62 flange

Code 62 flange

What is code 62 flange?

SAE Flange is a material used in industries designed to provide an alternative to the conventional method of connecting pipes, tubes & other equipment. It is preferred over the conventional method as it forms a leak -free connection.

SAE Code 62 Flange represents the pressure class of 6000 PSI. It is used where a high – pressure application is required. Code 61 Flange is another companion of Code 62 Flange except it is used in low pressure conditions.

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Code 62 Flange Specification

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How to check the MTC and hydro test report of the SAE code 62 flange?

A Mill Test Certificate (MTC) is a test issued by a manufacturer to certify the chemical & mechanical features of a product. While a boiler hydro test is a stress procedure used to determine the integrity of all aspects of a given boiler unit.

Code 62 hydraulic flanges are flanges that offer zero-clearance assembly and enable easy connection, disconnection & maintenance of tube-to-hose, tube-to tube or manifold connection. These tests determine whether the hydraulic flanges are fit for application or not.

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How to read code 62 split flange sizes?

If you are getting confused between two codes of SAE flanges then you just need to look closely. There is bolt-hole’s center-to-center dimensions & other physical differences that differentiate between the different codes of flanges.

For example, the distance between hole centers for a 1-in Code 61 & Code 62 flange differs by 0.064 inches for dimension A & only 0.188 inches for dimension B. Similarly, dimensions can be read in Code 62 split flange for inspection.

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How do you measure the sizes of the SAE j518 code 62 flange?

The measuring of flanges is important to check if the equipment fits right. If they are not fit precisely then it may lead to leakage & other problems. Therefore, it becomes important to get the correct flange.

Code 62 Flanges are also known as SAE J518 Code 62 flanges. One of the most important criteria for measurements is the Pitch Circle Diameter (PCD). It determines if the flange bolt holes will match each other. The Metric code 62 flange is measured in diameter, outside diameter, pitch circle diameter, hole size & thickness.

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How do you measure the size of the o ring for code 62 flange?

SAE Code 62 Flange handles a working pressure of 414 bars which is 6,000 psi. Code 62 blind flange is made of stainless steel SS316L & Carbon Steel S355/ST52.3. You can measure an O ring for code 62 flange through the inside diameter where you measure across the centre from one side to another or outside of it. The thickness is measured from one edge of the flat face to the other.

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What are the uses and applications of code 62 SAE flange?

Flanges prove to be very advantageous when used. They offer a larger capacity for connection as they can accommodate up to 5 inches of tubes, pipes etc. They are designed to ensure easy disassembly through the use of a Code 62 blanking flange. Only a seal is required between pipes & the system with such flanges.

Applications of Code 62 SAE flange include mobile hydraulics, building machinery, agricultural machinery, forestry machinery lifting & as material handling equipment. They are also used in the following fields of industry including Industrial Hydraulics, Injection Moulding Machinery & Aluminium Die-Casting Machinery.