Coiled spring pins

Coiled Spring Pins

What are coiled spring pins?

A coiled spring pin can be characterized having a round spring wire that is wound on a machine to form adjacent coils. These Coiled Spring Pins store energy when it is under load. They have superior strength and consist of 2-1/4 coils of spring steel. The Spirol Roll Pins are designed for use in plain drilled holes or countersinking to make insertion easier. These pins help absorb shock and spread the load over the coil.

Coiled Spring Pins Specifications

Coiled Spring Pins Other Specifications

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What are coiled pin used for?

A coiled pin is a strong and flexible body that expands to fit securely in a hole. The Coiled Pin is used to handle automotive equipment, locks, handles, hinge pins, cosmetic cases, etc.

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What is the difference between a roll pin and a spiral spring pin?

Roll and spiral spring pins are two common types of pins used in the industry. Spiral Spring Pin is made with spiral steel or other metal that is coiled into a hollow cylindrical shape specification. A Coiled Roll Pin is rolled steel or other metal that is rolled in a cylindrical shape.

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How do you install a spring pin?

A spring pin is a mechanical fastener that helps secure two or more parts that are relative to each other. These Metric Coiled Spring Pins are installed in hole size as they have a high tolerance range. They are inserted into the hole and fastened with a hammer without damaging the host. The ISO 8750 Spring Pin manual press or air hammered with a pin driving chuck.

Always ask for material origin and non destructive test certificates of coiled spring pin and ISO 8750 spring pin for the chemical industry

How do spirol coiled spring pins work?

A spirol coiled spring pin flex after they are installed to protect the hole in the assembly. These Spirol Coiled Spring Pins absorb shocks and prevent vibration. The concentric and smooth chamfer combine to allow for a trouble-free installation. A Spirol Spring Pin help create a secure connection with joined machine components.

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How are coiled spring pin fastenal measured?

The coiled spring pin is measured using an electronic caliper. A Coiled Spring Pin Fastenal is measured based on its outside diameter and overall length.