Cold drawn tubes

Cold Drawn Tubes

What are cold-drawn tubes?

Pipes and tubes have become an essential part of daily life that many do not know. Apart from domestic use of transporting water and sewerage to keep the home safe and clean, there are many industrial uses. From producing fuel to sending rockets and others, seamless pipes and welded tubes are an integral part. There are few manufacturing processes to make such pipes and tubes.

Cold-drawn tubes are better than hot-drawn tubes to have uniform tolerances, increased strength and enhanced machinability. Since CDS or cold-drawn seamless mechanical tubing is at room temperature, the diameter and thickness are consistent throughout the drawn pipe.

Cold drawn tube sizes, dimensions, and specification

Cold Drawn Tubes Specification

Cold Drawn Tubes Size and Weight Chart

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What is the cold-drawn pipe manufacturing process?

Drawing uses force to elongate metal or other material to desired shape and thickness. When drawing gets done at room temperature, it is a cold drawing process, unlike heating required for the hot drawing process. Since heat is less than recrystallizing the metal or alloy, making a cold-drawn pipe needs more force. Hence cold, drawn pipes have more tensile strength and a smooth finish.

It is essential to piercing hot billets to make CDS tubing or cold-drawn seamless mechanical tubing, with subsequent rolling to reduce the diameter and elongate them. Then the material goes through a die or mandrel to make a precise gauge and shape of the pipe or tube.

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What is a CEW tube?

CEW tubes or cold-drawn electric welded tubes are ideal for applications that require high precision dimensional tolerances. Also, many applications require high tensile, surface finish and non-standard sizes upon request; others use CEW tubes.

CEW tubes are unique cold-drawn tubing with many production stages like pickling, annealing, swaging, lubricating and drawing operations. CEW tubes are best for use in many automobile applications and for making many handling equipment, hydraulic equipment, special purpose machines, and textile machinery, among others. These tubes undergo rigorous tests for both physical and chemical like the Eddy Current Test for high precision quality and tolerances.

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What is the difference between cold-drawn and hot-rolled steel?

Steel revolutionized industries for over 170 years to be the staple for the world economy. Cold-drawn and hot-rolling are the two of its main manufacturing process. The end steel products like pipes and tubes have different qualities depending on the manufacturing process. A few differences between cold-drawn seamless steel tubes and hot-rolled steel include the following.

  • Hot rolling steel involves high temperatures above 1700 F, a high recrystallization temperature, but cold-drawn steel is at room temperature.
  • Hot-rolled steel has a rough finish and is not as strong as cold-drawn steel has many benefits for various sectors.
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What is CDW pipe?

CDW or cold-drawn welded pipe, unlike ERW pipes, does not have a joint in the cross-section throughout its length. Also, unlike cold rolled steel to produce flat products, the cold drawn process produces thin-shaped pipes and tubes.

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How do you measure drawn tubing roughness?

Tubing roughness is a critical parameter for designing and sizing pipelines. Absolute drawn tubing roughness determines the pressure losses caused by friction during fluid flows through the pipelines. Hence any application in any industry should consider it to increase performance by eliminating losses.

The absolute roughness for commercial steel pipe has a default value of 1800 micro inch or 46 macro meters. There are many ways to measure drawn tubing roughness, like using the Mitutoyo SJ-201 surface roughness gauge. For flexible pipes, the roughness will be ε = ID/250.0 unless specified.