Compression cap fitting

Compression cap fitting

What is compression cap fitting?

A compression end cap fitting is used for capping off a length of the metric HDPE pipe, within the size range of 20mm to 110mm. The compression cap fitting matches the common sizes of the pipe, and they are usually SDR 11. The compression fitting cap can help to block off the outlets of compression fittings outlet, either temporarily or permanently for various reasons like pressure testing. The copper compression caps are economical and they are suitable for water and various other fluids, wherein the pressure can go up to 16 bar. However, the exact specification would vary with the ambient and pipe content’s temperatures. The compression end cap for copper pipe is suitable for outdoor usage as they are resistant to a wide range of chemicals and UV rays. Different sizes of the compression stop end cap fittings are available, which are customizable as per the client requirements.

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What is Female Brass Pipe Cap?

The female brass pipe caps are made of brass and they come with several properties. They are available in sizes ranging between 15 to 54 mm and manufactured following the international standards. The female brass gas compression caps are durable, corrosion resistant and compatible with different piping materials. They can be used with hot/cold water, natural gas, compressed air, etc. They are an eminent part of the sealing process and do not require any heating action for installation. They are capable of withstanding elevated temperature conditions.

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Application of compression caps

The compression caps are widely used in gas, water, and hydraulic systems. They help to establish the connection between tubes and threaded components like valves and other plumbing tools.

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Advantages of compression stop end

The primary advantage of compression stop end is that it helps to form a strong piping or tubing connection without any hassles. It ensures pressure resistant and leakage free seals and stops the pipe run easily. These fittings are versatile and can be used for temporarily or permanently stopping the flow inside the pipe.

Compression stop end and female cap to ensure a leak-proof seal

Brass compression cap features

The benefits of brass compression caps are they are high in strength and show good durability. They also have good corrosion resisting properties and can withstand high temperature conditions. They are very flexible and can be customized according to the given pipe size or plumbing equipment.

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What is the most common cause of leaking compression cap end?

The most common cause of leaking compression cap end is over tightening of the nuts. This action can deform the ferrule improperly which can cause the joints to fail. Thus, over tightening should be avoided at all cost.