Compression cross

Compression cross

What is compression cross?

A pipe fitting which is used in a junction where four pipes meet in a high pressure application is known as a compression cross. It comes with one inlet and three outlets, or three inlets and one outlet. The diameter of the inlets and outlets in the threaded compression cross fitting can be the same or different. There are different types of stainless steel cross tube fittings available like straight cross and reducing cross. The union crosses are available in different sizes which can be customized as per the application requirements. They are known for their high durability and the compression union cross also has a long service life. The brass cross tube fitting is quite economical and they can effectively resist corrosion. The npt cross can be assembled and disassembled easily without causing any damages to the pipes or tubes.

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What is brass female cross fitting?

The brass female cross fitting comes with threads in the inner side. It is available in different sizes and the price varies according to its dimensions. They are very affordable and known for their sturdiness. The female cross fitting has high durability and it offers optimum strength.

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What is male cross fitting?

The male cross fitting comes with threads on the outer side. Their sizes and dimensions are customizable by the manufacturer according to the client’s requirements. These fittings are ductile, resistant to corrosion, and have good tolerance to high temperature. The male female cross fittings are easy to install and disassemble, and thus, used in applications which undergo frequent inspections and maintenance.

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What is double ferrule cross fittings?

The double ferrule cross fittings are the most common type of instrumentation style fitting which are used in process measurement. They are an eminent part of control systems in the aerospace industries. They are also popularly used in various equipment present in chemical processing plants, oil and gas industry, defense and medical equipment.

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Application of stainless steel cross tube fitting

The stainless steel cross tube fitting helps to modify or regulate the flow of water through the piping system. They can induce pipe pressure according to the varying conditions. They are used in hydrodynamic equipment, compressors and fire protection lines. They are used in air conditioning, manufacturing, and chemical industries.

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What is the difference between male and female pipe threads?

The primary difference between male and female pipe threads depend on the position of the threads. For the male fittings, the pipe threads are available on the outside. While for the female fittings, the threads are available on the inside. They are joined together to form a connection in the piping system.