Compression elbow

Compression elbow

What is compression elbow?

One of the most reliable ways of changing the direction or angle of the pipework is known as the compression elbow. They are typically available in different angles- 45 degrees and 90 degrees. The copper compression elbow helps to create a watertight connection between two pipes or valves/fixtures and pipes. The Brass compression elbows can be used for creating a piping system by joining the lengths of the tubes or pipes to each other or threaded components like the valves. The male compression elbow can be manipulative (while requiring flaring or belling the tubes) or non-manipulative (comes with easy installation and does not require any additional modification). The female compression elbow is very helpful in preventing leakages- they do not require heating and go well even with wet pipes. Different types of materials like copper, brass, stainless steel, etc., can be used for making the fittings. Also, the stainless steel male female elbow is available in various dimensions and customized as per the client’s requirements.

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What is compression male elbow?

The compression male elbow are used in various plumbing equipment, tube fittings, etc., to join two tubes or thin-walled pipes. They can be used for extensively hot or cold water taps. The male compression elbow can be connected and disconnected easily. They are capable of offering leak-tight seal and they can be remade. The Brass male elbow do not require soldering, and thus, they can be used quickly and easily. The male elbow can work well in high pressure and toxic gas applications.

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What is compression female elbow?

The compression female elbow is a type of compression fitting which offers pressure resistant and leak tight seals. They are used in applications that require frequent assembling and disassembling for inspection and maintenance. The Female Elbow is very versatile and durable. They have high temperature tolerance and show good resistance to corrosion. It has high malleability too.

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What is compression street elbow?

The compression street elbow is a type of pipe or plumbing fitting which helps to join a pipe and another fitting at a given angle. The difference between this and a regular elbow is the gender of both the connections.

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What is compression Union Elbow?

A compression Union Elbow has a union-type coupling on one end which can be connected to a pipe end without turning the pipe.

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What is Positionable Elbow?

The Positionable Elbow is used in different types of connection functions in various big industries. They are mainly used in electric industries, and available in various customizable sizes. They come in numerous kinds of part numbers to choose from.