Compression Lugs

Compression Lugs

What is compression lugs?

Devices that are used to connect cord to electrical appliances, surfaces, mechanisms, or other cables are known as Compression Lugs. The cable lugs also connect wires to the automotive battery and they are also present at the end of battery jumper cables.The installation and removal are quite easy which helps with maintenance and repair works. The compression cable lugs are generally used where permanent and direct connection is not feasible. They are widely used for electrical connections. However, there are more robust versions available which help to anchor the non electrical cables to the surface. The load bearing compression type terminal lugs can be made of different materials like steel or iron, and they are used for securing different components and cables. However, the non load bearing lugs are made of materials like brass, aluminum, etc., and they can sometimes be plated for optimizing voltage transfer. The flared compression lugs can also inhibit metal oxidation.

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How do compression lugs work?

The circumferential compression helps to create a large high pressure area contact between the connector and cable. This helps the compression type terminal lugs to result in low resistance and high pull out.

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What causes compression pin terminal lugs to break?

Improper design and other factors can cause the compression pin terminal lugs to fail and break. They can also break if moisture and corrosion sets in.

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What Connector Type for Compression Lugs are available?

The connector type for the given compression battery cable lugs is chosen according to its compatibility to the anchoring method and the terminal type. For example, the screw terminals use fork or u-shaped lugs whereas bolt-on applications use o-type or closed ring lugs. There are also spade or pin lugs that are used on blade terminals.

Double barrel compression lugs and flared compression lugs provide maximum current flow while also reducing corrosion damage.

How do you crimp compression lugs?

The electrical compression lugs can be crimped with the help of a compression crimp. It is a quick and effective tool which is quick and cost-effective. It helps to achieve a good connection. It looks like a set of pliers with jaws and they have either one or many crimp points. These points are generally located with one half placed on each jaw of the tool.

High temperature compression lugs and electrical compression lugs are classified by conductor configuration, size, and attachment method.

What are compression lugs used for?

The high temperature compression lugs are basically devices that are used for connecting cables to different things like other cables, electric appliances, mechanisms, or surfaces. These clamps help to connect wires to automotive batteries and the double barrel compression lugs are also present at the ends of battery jumper cables. They are used in applications that require a permanent connection, but where direct connection is not possible due to any reason.