Compression tee

Compression tee

What is compression tee?

Compression fittings are one of the most common types of fittings in the world of piping. They can easily be connected to pipes without welding. The compression tee is highly demanded in various services to make the seal watertight and safe. They are easy to install and can be taken out easily too. The stainless steel compression tee helps in combining or dividing the liquid flow, and they do not require any special tool or skill for operation. These fittings work properly when the pipe is cut and cleaned properly. They show good performances even in tight spaces. The Brass Street Tee should be tightened properly to ensure leak resistant seal. Over tightening it can make them more prone to leakages. After hand-tightening the fittings, they might generally need one full turn. These fittings are available in different materials like copper, brass, different grades of stainless steel, etc, and their dimensions can also be customized as per the application requirements.The compression reducing tee used as the branch comes with a smaller diameter compared to the run pipe. This means they help to reduce the pipe size along with creating branches.

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Advantages & disadvantages of using brass compression tee

The benefits of using brass compression tee are:

  • They have good versatility and hence can be used for a wide range of services.
  • They show high durability.
  • They have greater tolerance to elevated temperatures.
  • They can effectively resist corrosion.
  • They possess high malleability.

The brass union tee should not be used with stainless steel pipes. As brass is softer than stainless steel, the fitting might not sit well and cause leakage. Also, it can lead to galvanic corrosion which is caused by two different materials coming in contact with one another.

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Difference between compression reducing and equal tee

The compression equal tee acts as a branch which has the same diameter as that of the run pipe. It only helps to divide the flow but does not change the pipe size.

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Applications of compression tee fittings

The compression tee fitting is suitable for a wide variety of applications, especially those taking place in confined or hard to reach locations. They can be found in plumbing systems where soldering copper pipes can potentially lead to fire hazard and also in hydraulic industrial applications. They can be connected and disconnected easily.

Equivalent to Parker/ Swagelok stainless steel compression tee fitting and brass union reducing tee for leak proof joints in oil & gas applications

What is a run tee? Male Run Tee vs Female Run tee

A run tee is a tee fitting which comes with a female connection on one straight end and branch, and there is male connection present on the other straight end. The male run tee is threaded outside whereas the female one is threaded on its inner side.

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How can you tell if a thread is female?

Whether or not a thread is female can be told by looking at its position. If it is present on the inner side, it is a female, else if the thread is present on the outside, it is a male thread.