Compression union

Compression union

What is compression union?

A compression fitting helps to compress a fitting’s component into another component, which is usually a type of tubing solution. The compression union helps to create a watertight seal which is created between two different lines. It is a quick-connect fitting style that is mostly used in the water treatment industry. The 3/8 compression unions are less frequently used but they are capable of handling high pressure. The compression union fitting can give you a very reliable and tight seal. It consists of a sleeve, nut and body, and as the nut compresses against the body, the sleeve works as a seal. The compression tube to tube union can be installed with the help of a wrench, and they can be taken out easily too. They are used in a wide range of applications where waterline or air pneumatic lines are present. The compression tube to union can be made of different materials, sizes and dimensions, which is customizable as per specific application requirements.

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What is brass compression union?

The brass compression union is widely used in plumbing. They can help to join tubes or thin-walled pipes together. If two pipes made of different material need to be joined, the compression tube union will be made of a compatible material that is appropriate for the connection. They are also used in hot and cold water faucets, and can be installed and disassembled easily. They offer leakage-free seal, and require no special tools or skills for operation.

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What is straight union?

A straight union helps to connect two straight pipes in a piping system.

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What is compression reducing union?

The compression reducing union is used for port to port connection in a straight tube. One end of the port of the tube is reduced. These fittings are made according to international standards and the dimensions can be customized according to the client requirements. The brass reducing union is economical and helps to create a watertight seal between the two different lines. A major advantage of this fitting is that they can be without the formation of deformation of the respective pipes.

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Is NPT male or female thread?

NPT has both tapered male and female threads.

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How much pressure can a compression union hold?

The compression union is perfect for various high pressure applications. The exact pressure it can hold will depend on the material with which the fitting is made. For example, stainless steel compression union can hold more pressure than the ones made with brass. So, if a high pressure tubing material like steel is used for making the fittings, they can be used in applications where pressure goes up to 10,000 psig.