Concentric serrated flange

concentric serrated flange

What is a concentric serrated flange?

Serration is a process that has grooves on the final flange device. The concentric serrated flange has concentric grooves, and the groove size is determined based on different standards. The serrations give more resistance when mating with gaskets leading to a lower probability of leakage. A concentric serration flange ensures there is strong sealing. The number of serrations determines the compressive force required to seal them.

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Serrated concentric flange finish and specification

Concentric Serrated Flange Specification

Concentric Serrated Flange Surface

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What is the impact of concentric serration flange?

The concentric serration flange has an even design flange. The flanges have good impact resistance to suit different requirements.

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Where are concentric serrated weld neck flanges used?

The concentric serrated weld neck flanges are used in applications that require higher strength in harsh environments. A concentric serrated finish flange is a 90 degree tool that is evenly spaced on the face.

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How to identify concentric serrated flange?

A concentric serrated flange can be identified based on serrated groves on their surface. A concentric serrated Weld Neck flange has an even design on the face as compared to a spiral serrated finish.

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What are the uses and applications of the concentric serrated slip on flange?

A concentric serrated slip on flange is a reliable grade that can be easily welded using fillet welds. The concentric serrated Slip on flange is employed in chemical processing, nuclear plants, piping systems, petrochemicals, etc.

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Which tests are required for concentric serrated blind flange?

A serrated blind flange has superior locking capacity. The concentric serrated Blind flange is measured based using visual and tactical means. You can test the roughness using Average Roughness height and Root Mean Square Average.