Copper C110 round bar

Copper C110 Round Bar

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The only type of copper, oxygen-free C110, is of the highest purity. The impurity limits are much stricter than those of other grades and contain 99.999 percent cu. Since it is not susceptible to embrittlement when heated, Copper C110 Round Bar has the highest electrical and thermal conductivity.

This grade has a conductivity of 101 percent IACS and is 99.9%, pure copper. C110 Copper Round Bar has many uses because of its conductivity, corrosion resistance, and flexibility. To put it another way, copper 110 has excellent hot and cold workability and good corrosion resistance. It also enjoys a stellar reputation for being highly formable and having superior electrical and thermal conductivity.

C110 copper round bar chemical composition and mechanical properties

Copper c110 round bar specification

Copper c110 round bar properties

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Copper C110 H02 bar applications include electrical, plumbing, furniture, ornamental, thermal, and mechanical ones. Rust and corrosion cannot affect the same. Soldering is regarded as superior to welding, brazing, and welding. This steel grade can offer numerous hardening advantages if carefully welded. Copper C110 H02 Bars display a wide range of chemical and mechanical characteristics. The chart is presented below with all details and real numbers.

  • Yield Tensile Strength- 69 MPa
  • Ultimate Tensile Strength- 221 MPa
  • Tensile Modulus- 117 GPA
  • Shear Strength- 152 MPa
  • Shear Modulus- 43 GPA
  • Fatigue Strength- 97 MPa
  • Elongation At Break- 55 %
  • Poisson’s Ratio- 0.34
  • Hardness- B10/57

Tensile test, bend test, hardness test to find out mechanical properties of ETP 110 copper rod

Different types of copper c110 round bar

C110 copper bar

C110 copper bar

110 copper round bar

110 copper round bar

Copper c110 round bar

Copper c110 round bar

Copper c110 bar

Copper c110 bar

C110 copper hex bar

C110 copper hex bar

C110 copper rod

C110 copper rod

Is C110 copper alloy rounds high tensile?

Standard and frequently used conductive materials include C110 Copper Alloy Rounds. However, the balance between these alloys’ strength and electrical conductivity is typically thought to be difficult to improve significantly. A critical factor in determining a material’s mechanical performance is its ultimate tensile strength, also known as simply tensile strength. A substance can withstand tearing brought on by tension. In this instance, 42,100 psi is the Ultimate Tensile Strength.

Benefits of Tensile Testing Over 42,000 PSI.

  • For batch quality determination.
  • To evaluate manufacturing consistency.
  • Help with the design process.
  • To achieve lean manufacturing objectives while lowering material costs.
Quenching and tempering are two a heat-treatment process for high-quality C110 copper bar

What is the hardness of ETP 110 copper rod?

The most popular kind of copper rod is ETP 110 Copper Rod. It is highly conductive, making it the perfect material for carrying electric current in various applications. Copper with a minimum purity of 99.9%, also known as ETP or C11000 copper, is commercially pure.

C11000 ETP Copper Round Bar’s beneficial characteristics make it suitable for industrial and electrical use. The same advantageous traits include:

  • Workability
  • Solderability
  • Conductivity
  • Toughening Power

Vickers hardness (HV) ranges from 45 to 155 for ETP C11000 Copper Square Bar, making it highly workable in hot and cold temperatures.

Minimum order quantity of copper c110 h02 bars 5 ton

What is C110 copper bar used for?

High thermal and electrical conductivity, good corrosion resistance, and excellent solderability are all characteristics of 110 Copper Round Bar. Electrical power installations, bus bars, anodes, ground straps, commutators, and current hardware use C110 copper.

The C110 Copper Bar is available in various sizes with numerous listed descriptions and dimensions. It is also frequently used in industrial applications where ductility (such as plumbing or roofing) or electrical conductivity is required. The cu grade group includes frequently used items, such as C110 Copper Hex Bar.

Other popular grades

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