Copper Fasteners

Copper Fasteners

What is a copper fastener?

Fasteners are mechanical devices that can hold together 2 objects including metals, wood or other substances. Pure copper is very ductile, making it easier to produce good-quality fasteners. They have good strength and excellent corrosion resistance.

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Copper Fasteners Specifications

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Copper Bolt Mechanical Properties

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Manufacturing process of CU CDA 101 hex bolts

Copper fasteners can be cold-formed or hot forged followed by machining and CNC for Customized connecting elements. The alloy is heat treated to increase its tensile properties including annealing and tempering. Coatings can be applied to copper fasteners to improve the corrosion resistance and hardness properties of the alloy.

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Price difference between 110 copper hex head bolt and heavy hex bolts

A 110 copper hex head bolt costs ₹ 1.42 / Piece, while a hex head bolt has a price of 2.12/ Piece. A heavy hex bolts is more expensive than a hex head bolt because it also has a head attached to a threaded shank.

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Applications of copper flat washers

copper flat washers are fit for structural applications because their shanks are more than 12”. A bolt is a short threaded mechanical fasteners that is used to fasten two objects together. Both copper flat washers and Hex bolts use nuts to complete their assembly.

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CDA 102 socket head cap screw benefits

The main advantage of CDA 102 socket head screws is that they can be used in enclosed spaces. They are strong, which is why a few screws of this variety can replace many conventional screws. They have excellent resistance to seawater. The unique colour of copper also is regarded as an advantage because they are appreciated as trims for architectural purposes.

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How do you measure the length of a copper carriage bolts?

The Length of a copper carriage bolt can be measured from under its head to the extreme end of its shank.

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