Copper flare fittings

Type K flared copper fittings suppliers in UAE

Copper flare fittings

What are copper flare fittings?

The flare fitting can be made of copper material and they are reusable and very affordable. They can be used in various industrial and construction equipment. The copper flare fittings can also be used with heavy machinery. The copper flared union can be used for connecting tubes or hoses, and they are used in high temperature and high pressure applications. The copper flare plug has a simple construction and is available in customizable dimensions. The copper flare cap is capable of creating pressure resistant and leakage tight seals. They have long term high reliability and are ideal for locations that are hard to reach. The copper flare fittings for gas can be used in industries like construction, ship building, air conditioning, chemical and fertilizer equipment, aerospace and military appliances, etc.

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Difference between Type M or Type L copper flare fittings?

The Type L copper pipe flare fittings are thicker than Type M. Type L is mostly used for interior plumbing, fire protection, etc. They can also be used for repairing and replacing old water lines, and thus it is more durable. The latter is mostly used for vacuum lines and domestic water services. The Type M is preferred for various residential works for a relatively low price.

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How to Install Copper Flare Fittings?

The flared copper fittings can be installed following the given steps:

  • Check if the tube end is properly flared and it should be free from rust, scratches, dirt, embedded chips, etc.
  • Next, the flared ends should be aligned and tightened.
  • Next, the position of the nut should be marked relative to its body.
  • They should then be tightened using recommended flats.
  • Now a second marking should be done on the fitting which should be adjacent to the previous mark on the nut. It helps to understand if the connection has been tightened during the final inspection.
Copper flare joint and flare nut in male and female taper threads

Is BSPP thread same as BSP?

BSPP or BSP parallel is a type of BSP thread. There is also a BSPT or BSP tapered thread available.

Copper flared tube fittings in JIC, NPT, ORB, ORFS, JIS, and BSPP threads for better connection

Advantages of copper pipe flare fittings

There are several benefits of the copper flared tube fittings like:

  • They are very versatile and thus, can be used in a wide range of applications.
  • They are available in different sizes and can be customized according to the requirements given by the clients.
  • They are capable of giving high and problem-free performance.
  • The copper flare joints need less maintenance and they have a long service life.
  • It shows good resistance to corrosion and possesses high thermal conductivity.
  • The best benefit of these fittings are that they can be easily installed and joined.