Copper lugs

Copper lugs

What is copper tube lug?

Tube lugs are used for terminating cables wherein vibration is critical and they are made using pure copper. The Copper tube lug is designed for suiting sq mm of cable so as to give complete electric conductivity and mechanical strength for withstanding pull off and vibrations. The Copper cable lugs are manufactured following the international standards and they can be customized according to the requirements specified by the client. They are ideally used for large gauge applications for grounding or power drawing. The Copper tubular lugs either come with crimped or soldered wire and their surface finishes can be customized for enhancing the aesthetic appearance.

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Are copper lugs better?

The mechanical lugs are connectors that help to connect cables together and they are either made of copper or aluminum. While the aluminum ones are traditionally used, the Copper pin type lugs have overcome the problems found in the aluminum ones. They have low coefficient of thermal expansion, which means they have reduced fire risk. Thus, people all over the world prefer Copper battery lugs for their enhanced safety to fire hazard, even though it costs more than the aluminum lugs. Thus, they are often considered to be industry standard.

Copper tubular lugs and pin type lugs are available with stud hole sizes of M16 and M20

What is the use of copper lugs where it is used?

Copper lugs are widely used in services which need to terminate the electric wire to an electric equipment or machine. They can also be used for terminating the cables where vibration is a crucial factor. There are also connector Copper lugs ring type that help to connect two electrical devices. It helps in the distribution of electric current without causing any hindrances, especially in places where permanent connection between cables or devices is not possible.

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How do you make copper lugs?

The Copper ring type lugs are either made from pure or an alloy of copper. They all serve similar purposes, but the difference lies in the specific characteristics and applications of the given lugs.

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How do you attach copper lugs?

To install Copper ring type lugs, the following steps can be performed:

  • The cable should be inserted into the lug’s barrel.
  • The Copper compression lugs’s palm should be oriented towards the equipment’s terminal wherein the connection is to be made.
  • Then suitable crimping tools and dies should be selected for ensuring that the joints are mechanically strong.
  • The crimping series should also be proper.
  • The surface of the connection should be cleaned for avoiding resistance and corrosion.
  • Proper nuts, bolts, etc., should be used to ensure a firm connection.
Copper lugs ring type and compression lugs are used for connecting electrical cables to electrical devices & appliances.

How do you crimp a copper wire lug?

To crimp the Copper ring lugs, tools like crimpers can be used. They help to make cold weld joints between two wires or a wire and a connector. Their electrical and mechanical properties depend on the parent material with which they are made.