Copper nickel 70/30 pipe

Copper Nickel 70/30 Pipe

What is copper nickel 70/30 pipe ?

Copper and nickel combination have become a big hit in the pipe industry. It has beaten the copper aluminium combination by a big margin because of its superiority. Also copper nickel 70/30 pipe one among the many combinations to have many benefits. It is because of its winning proportion of 70% copper, 30% nickel and with less than one percent of iron and magnesium.

70/30 tubes are popular for use in many sectors because of having high erosion and corrosion resistance. There are also many other fantastic features that are increasing its demand worldwide. It is because of the 70 – 30 ratio of copper and nickel to increase its strength and have a pleasant-looking silvery hue.

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Copper Nickel 70/30 Pipe Specification

Copper Nickel 70/30 Pipe Properties

Which property make cu-ni 70/30 pipe suitable for ship-building industry?

Cupronickel 70/30 pipe has pitting and biofouling resistance properties to make it suitable for the shipbuilding industry. With more nickel than other copper-nickel combination pipes, it offers superior resistance even in polluted seawater and high-velocity water even up to 4.5 m/s. Because of having manganese and iron besides copper and nickel. it is also has s seawater corrosion property.

Cupro nickel 70/30 seamless tube is without a doubt best for all marine operations including the shipbuilding industry. Even as early as a century ago in 1920 use of the 70:30 ratio of copper-nickel started for making marine condensers for British Navy.

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What is corrosion rates of copper nickel 70/30 tube in seawater?

Any alloy in seawater gets subjected to many forms of corrosion. It includes localized corrosion crevice, pitting and stress corrosion cracking. Also there is general wastage, intergranular and impingement attacks. The corrosion rate of 70/30 Copper Nickel Class 200 Seamless Pipe in sea water is low and range between 0.0025 to 0.025 mm/yr.

The low corrosion rates of the cupro nickel 70/30 seamless tube has made it the favorite for many marine industry applications. Years of study on their corrosion resistance confirm that most of these pipes and tubes last for their entire lifetime in sea water.

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What are features of 70/30 copper nickel class 200 seamless pipe?

For over hundred years copper nickel 70/30 combination is popular for many applications in several sectors. The 70/30 Cu-Ni welded tube and others have many features that makes them famous include the following among others.

  • Have the right combination of high thermal conductivity and ductility retention at low temperature to be ideal for exchanging heat in freezing facilities.
  • The low corrosion rate of less than 0.025 makes it ideal for marine industry from building ships to military and for oil & gas refineries in the sea
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Is uns c71500 welded pipe rust proof ?

The UNS C71500 welded pipe is one of the best combination of copper and nickel alloys. Apart from the copper nickel ratio of 70:30, it also has iron and manganese in less quantities. It gives this welded pipe the best corrosive property to be rust proof throughout its life time.

Copper nickel welded tubes and pipes find applications in many seawater projects. It is because these tubes have rust-proof properties. Also because of complying with the UNS or unified numbering system standards. UNS refers to an alloy designation system accepted in North America. It defines the chemical composition and mechanical properties of specific metals or alloys.

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What are classes of wnr 2.0882 seamless tube ?

The WNR 2.0882 seamless tube also known as cupro nickel seamless tubes have the right ratio of copper and nickel. The WNR refers to Werkstoff, a German word for material with five digits and a decimal point after the first digit. It specifies the DIN standards for metal and alloy products like pipes and tubes by the German Institute for Standardisation.

Copper nickel 70 30 combination pipes and tubes are strong enough even for the high velocity of seawater. Also, pipes with 70% copper and 30% nickel have a low corrosion rate to be ideal for many marine and other industries.