Copper nickel 90/10 pipe

Copper Nickel 90/10 Pipe

What is copper nickel 90/10 pipe?

Your search for the best copper-nickel alloy pipes for offshoring and marine needs ends here. Copper nickel 90/10 pipe having excellent resistance to seawater corrosion, is your right choice. It is one of the famous pipes with the right combination of copper and nickel along with iron and manganese, enhancing its overall strength.

Cu-ni 90/10 pipe has 90% copper, and 10% nickel has higher fabricability to enhance the addition of other elements to increase corrosion resistance. It also effectively lowers the macrofouling levels caused by organisms like oysters, barnacles, clams, mussels, etc., in the sea. The 90/10 copper nickel pipe price in India is around Rs. 400.

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Copper Nickel 90/10 Pipe Specification

Copper Nickel 90/10 Pipe Properties

Copper nickel 90/10 vs 70/30

Top manufacturers have made copper nickel 70/30 and 90/10 pipes and tubes for over half a century. Though both are ideal for seawater service, they have a few differences because of their alloy composition. While the cu ni 90/10 tube has only 10% nickel, the 70/30 has 30% nickel. And the amount of copper is reduced from 90% to 70%.

Cu-Ni 90/10 pipe has 10 % nickel to be helpful for applications at high seawater speeds. Also, 90/10 pipe is tough and with high ductility to be useful for industrial and architectural purposes.

Pick the stockist in the Middle East offering the best price on 90-10 copper nickel pipe. additionally, see the use of 90/10 cupro nickel pipes.

Why is cu-ni 90/10 pipe suitable for offshore & marine?

Cupro nickel 90/10 pipe is suitable for offshore & marine industries for the following among other reasons.

  • Cu-Ni 90/10 pipe resist corrosion caused by impingement attacks
  • The 90:10 combination of copper, nickel and small quantities of iron and manganese has excellent mechanical properties of right-proof stress and tensile strength with an elongation percentage of 40 to endure more stress.
  • Copper-nickel 90/10 pipe can withstand seawater localized corrosions like pitting stress
  • It resists interangular attacks to reduce general wastage
  • Comply with all international standards to endure high pressure

attempting to find importers of UNS C70600 seamless pipe material in ANSI SCH 80, 40, or 60 with PMI testing? see the standards for 90/10 copper-nickel tubes.

What are the standards for 90-10 copper nickel pipes?

There are many standards by prestigious institutions that the best 90-10 copper nickel pipes follow to have high quality. A few such institutions include ASTM or the American Society for Testing and Materials. EN is an abbreviation for European Standards and ISO or International Standard Organization.

90/10 copper nickel tubes should have the right properties suitable for the buyers’ project specifications. Only pipes complying with the reputed institutions’ specifications and standards are suitable for many applications.

In Dubai, there are a lot of traders of WNR 2.0872 Welded Pipe who provide a cut-to-length service. Final preparation is done in compliance with specifications, and see hardness.

What is the hardness of cu ni 90 10 tube?

The Cu-Ni 90 10 tube has extreme hardness to endure enormous stress and corrosion. For over 70 years, it has been ideal for many offshore and onshore oil refineries. The high corrosion resistance enables it to withstand even high impingement attacks.

The UNS C70600 seamless pipe has good flexibility and is strong enough not to crack even on high-pressure applications.

The copper-nickel pipes possess a hardness of 69 Rockwell and are available in many sizes, like single and double random. Also, the copper-nickel tubing has a tensile strength in the range of 43900 to 60000 psi to yield power between 16000 to 57000 psi.

Before making a purchase, compare the prices of Copper Nickel 90/10 Tube from two or more reliable GCC suppliers. understand biofouling

What is biofouling in a piping system?

Biological biofouling is one of the severe threats to ships and refineries in the sea. It is because of the accumulation of plants, small animals, algae, and others on ship surfaces and pipeworks. One of the significant side effects of biofouling is the corrosion of pipes to reduce efficiency.

Biofouling inside the piping systems contaminates the content like oil to become impure. Its deposits will reduce the pipe’s cross-section impeding the flow and heat transfer. And fouling deposits in the mineral field are from hard crusts that affect the pipelines. Using seamless wnr 2.0872 Welded Pipe with added phosphorous has high pressure and load-bearing capability for handling biofouling effects.