Copper nickel forged fittings

Copper nickel forged fittings

What are copper nickel forged fittings?

Copper nickel alloys are one of the most commonly used materials known for their corrosion resistance properties, especially in marine saltwater environments. Thus, the Copper nickel forged fittings can be found in marine seawater equipment due to their resistance to barnacles. It is also abundantly used in water systems, fire fighting systems, and it is relied upon for similar applications.

The alloy also contains iron and manganese, which is essential for maintaining good corrosion resistance in a harsh environment. Apart from resisting seawater, the copper nickel alloy is thermally stable too. Thus, they can be found in electrical and electronic products, power plants, etc.

Copper nickel forged fittings specification

Copper nickel forged fittings material

Manufacturers of CuNi threaded union and cupro nickel socket weld elbow can help you to provide custom sizes in UAE

What are the characteristics of CuNi threaded fittings?

The CuNi threaded fittings offer great resistance to corrosion, especially in the seawater environment. They are used in not very critical applications, as they are more prone to leakages.

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Can we use cupro nickel socket weld fittings without NDT Test done?

The cupro-nickel socket weld fittings should not be used without NDT Test because it helps to evaluate the properties of the material to understand their characteristic differences, welding defects, and discontinuities without causing any damage to the product. Using the fittings without taking this test would mean that you will not be sure about the quality and safety of the product.

ASTM B467 copper nickel threaded fittings are available in BSP, NPT, and BSPT threads.

How to decide if supplier is good enough to fulfill your copper nicke threaded elbow requirements?

Always choose a reputable and experienced supplier who has been in the business for quite some time and has good reviews. You should ask for quality test reports before purchasing any copper nickel threaded elbow. Also, see if they can customize your products as per the application requirements. Their delivery timeline should be low, and they should offer the product at a competitive market price.

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Can we use ASTM B467 Cuni socket weld coupling in high pressure environment?

The ASTM B467 Cuni socket weld coupling can be used in high pressure environments.

Cupro nickel threaded tee can resist corrosion in most the environments

How to prevent erosion corrosion in cupro nickel threaded tee?

Ferrous sulfate treatment helps to prevent erosion corrosion in cupro nickel threaded tee.

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