Copper nickel heat exchanger tubes

Copper Nickel Heat Exchanger Tubes

What are copper-nickel heat exchanger tubes?

Tubes made from copper and nickel in the heat exchangers are essential for building heating elements, electric utilities, and other manufacturing sites.
Copper serves as the basis metal in the formulation of copper-nickel heat exchanger tubes. It contains the highest single concentration, supplemented by nickel. Additional elements are included in copper-nickel to boost its toughness, machinability, ductility, hardness, and corrosion tolerance.
It exhibits strong scalability strength as well as being weldable. They work well both in the cold and the heat. Superheaters, freezing containers, condenser pipes, heat exchanger ducts, etc. can all certainly benefit from the use of Cupro- Nickel Heat Exchanger Tubes.

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Copper nickel heat exchanger tubes dimensions, sizes and specification

Copper Nickel Heat Exchanger Tubes Specification

Copper Nickel Heat Exchanger Tubes Properties

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How to clean copper-nickel heat exchanger tube?

In order to prevent deposition mostly on the inner tubing wall, tube cleansing methods are being used. The most frequently used technique is the sponge puck cleansing technique by TAPROGGE, followed by the increased-pressure water spear cleansing as well as the brushing technique by MAN.
The device cycles exclusively adapted sponge rubber balls through the heat exchanger tube in the cold fluid as part of an ongoing continual physical cleaning process.
Usually, the sponge ball’s diameter is 2 millimeters larger than the inner pipes. Every sponge ball removes sediments, organic waste, grit, as well as other plumes as it moves throughout the tube, gently pressing by the tube side. There are specific abrasion balls for the removal of thick residues.

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What are the grades of cupro-nickel heat exchanger tubes?

There are two grades of cu ni heat exchanger tubes with specific chemical compound compositions. The 90/10 and 70/30 heat exchangers are made of copper and nickel respectively.
Cu, nickel, Fe, Zn, and Pb are among the elements found in these grades.

  • The ratio of copper is 86–88% in 90/10 Copper Nickel Tubes for Heat Exchanger and nickel is 8–9%, lead and zinc are each 0.5%, and iron is between 1.5% and 1.8%.
  • In 70/30 Copper Nickel Tubes for Heat Exchanger, copper makes up 68–70%, nickel is at 30%, Pb and Zn are each 5%, and ferrous is at 1%–1.5%.

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What is the working principle of cu-ni heat exchanger tubes?

In heat exchangers onboard naval vessels, copper-nickel pipes are frequently utilized. Essentially, a series of tubes serves as a representation of a heat exchanger. They are positioned in between the tube plates. The entire array is set up so that it can fit under such a covering of protection.
The liquid or air may either access or leave the heat exchanger through specific openings. The air or liquid is primarily intended for either being warmed or refrigerated. Internal operations can occasionally be used to cool the copper-nickel tubes (water-based). Each tubular plate in such circumstances seems to have an exterior water box for the purpose of conditioning.

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What is the delivery condition of 90/10 copper nickel tubes for the heat exchanger?

For Copper Nickel Tube for Heat Exchangers, the delivery conditions include Annealed and Tinned, Coated, Shining & Heat treated, etc. Due to their excellent hardness and flexibility, Heat Exchanger Copper Nickel Alloys are utilized in industrial, construction, and maritime purposes. All these traits are present when the item is properly equipped and meets the delivery requirements. Together with protection from abrasion and contamination in saltwater, they also offer durability against corrosion in saltwater.
The heat exchanger’s copper-nickel tube needs to be properly annealed and polished. It provides it with good furnishings.

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What are the material properties of copper-nickel tubes for heat exchangers?

In heat exchangers which use saltwater conditioning, copper-nickel pipes are being used. The excellent corrosion protection (particularly given that salt water is used for chilling), the assurance of firmness and durability, and the longevity endurance are a few of the factors that lead to the selection of copper-nickel pipes. Additionally, copper-nickel tubes are commonly recognized for being robust to marine sediments without losing their strength.
The excellent thermal conductivity, mechanical strength, as well as anti-microbial qualities of copper make it an essential component of metal tube heat exchangers used in solar energy heating and chilling systems. In several commercial processes, copper-nickel alloy serves as a versatile material.