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Copper nickel needle valve, a premier B2B platform of industrial valves and piping materials, offers a comprehensive range of verified supplier databases for copper-nickel needle valves designed for outstanding performance and reliability in various applications. The copper-nickel material has very high corrosion resistance and high strength.  This makes the valves highly durable in corrosive applications. The Copper nickel needle valve is ideally suited for marine, chemical, and power generation industries, where resistance to seawater and various corrosive environments is crucial.

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Cu Ni 90/10 instrument needle valve suppliers in UAE

Top 3 advantages:
Corrosion resistance: Cupro nickel compression needle valve provides exceptional resistance to seawater and various corrosive environments, making them ideal for marine and chemical applications.
Strength and durability: Cu-Ni 90/10 instrument needle valves are known for their high strength and durability, ensuring long service life and reduced maintenance costs.
Thermal conductivity: Copper nickel 70/30 hydraulic needle valve exhibits excellent thermal conductivity, making them suitable for applications requiring efficient heat transfer and temperature control.

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Price Comparison between India and USA:
The prices of DIN 2.0882 flow control needle valve may vary between India and the USA due to differences in labor expenses, and manufacturing practices. The production cost in India might be comparatively lower due to the high volume of production too. The technological advantages in the USA and the availability of raw materials make production better. It is the high labor cost that adds to the production cost. The high labor cost might be the reason why production in the USA is costly.

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Primary functions:
Copper nickel needle valves, like the Cu-ni 90/10 angle needle valve and the 90/10 cupro nickel high-pressure needle valve, serve several primary functions:
Precise flow control: These valves provide accurate control over fluid flow rates, ensuring consistent and reliable operation in demanding applications.
Isolation and regulation: Cu-ni 90/10 instrument needle valve allows for efficient isolation and regulation of fluid lines, enabling safe maintenance and repair of system components.
Pressure relief: In certain applications, these valves can act as pressure relief devices, protecting critical system components from damage due to overpressure.

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How you can choose verified suppliers:
To choose verified suppliers for Copper nickel instrumentation needle valve, consider the following factors:

  1. Look for suppliers with relevant certifications such as ISO 9001 and NACE, which demonstrate adherence to quality standards and industry best practices.
  2. It is advisable to choose suppliers with a track record and experience in the business. This is why we list out the suppliers for you. .
  3. Check customer reviews and testimonials to gauge the supplier’s reputation for Cu ni 70/30 socket weld needle valve quality, customer service, and timely delivery.
90/10 cupro nickel high pressure needle valve complied with NACE MR 0175/ ISO 15156 standard, Parker/ Swagelok equivalent Copper nickel 70/30 needle valve at lowest price in Dubai
  • Research and understand the relevant international specifications, such as NACE and ISO before placing the order. This will give the exact requirements of the Copper nickel 3 way needle valve  or the Cupro nickel 70/30 needle valve you purchase meets the demand.
  • Verify the supplier’s certification. This will show you the adherence of the supplier to these specifications to ensure product quality and compliance with industry regulations.
  • Request a Material Test Report (MTR) from the supplier to confirm that the 90/10 cupro nickel high pressure needle valve meets the specified standards.
  • Choose a reputable and verified supplier with a proven track record in providing high-quality products that comply with international specifications.