Copper Nickel Pipe Fittings

Copper Nickel Pipe Fittings

What are copper nickel pipe fittings?

Alloys that contain copper and nickel in their chemical composition are exceptional when it comes to their strength and corrosion resistance properties. One such group is CuNi. Both elements are alloyed together to get different grades of Copper Nickel Pipe Fittings.

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What is annealing in Copper Nickel elbow heat treatment process?

Copper-nickel is heat treated by means of soft annealing and stress relieving. The fittings are annealed for a short duration if they are continuously annealed or long duration if it is static annealed. During annealing at a temperature range between 620 °C to 900 °C, the alloy undergoes recrystallization, making the fittings harder. However, this results in a lot of residual stress. To reduce the residual stress in the fittings, it is necessary to stress relieve them.

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Why use cupro nickel fittings?

Fittings made from CuNi are very versatile. They have good tensile strength and are ductile. The corrosion resistance properties are higher in different mediums, especially in marine environments. They resist biofouling and possess natural antimicrobial properties.

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Surface treatment of CUNI pipe fittings

Cuni Pipe Fittings are generally polished – either mechanically or with an electrochemical process. An elbow is pickled to remove the oxide layer. To avoid pickling the fitting, a solution of 2% alcohol + water may be used for quenching. Another popular surface treatment carried out is silver plating or coating.

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Is Copper Nickel buttweld fittings corrosion-resistant?

Many industrial sectors, prefer using these fittings because they exhibit good corrosion resistance properties. They can withstand high temperatures and not get corroded by oxidation. Their resistance to localised corrosion is quite high.

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Advantages and disadvantages of ASME SB466 CUNI fittings

Advantages –

  • High strength, good resistance to different forms of corrosion – including stress corrosion cracking, crevice corrosion and hydrogen embrittlement.

Disadvantages –

  • Although they possess excellent resistance to seawater, exposure to polluted or stagnant seawater can cause the fittings to rapidly corrode. They also corrode when exposed to sulfides or ammonia.

Other Grades