Copper nickel tube fittings

Copper nickel tube fittings

What are copper nickel tube fittings?

Tube fittings made with copper nickel material show excellent resistance to seawater corrosion. This is why the copper nickel tube fittings are used in different types of marine applications. The addition of other elements in the alloy provides the fitting with some distinct characteristics. For example, the nickel in the chemical composition of the Cuni 70/30 C71500 bulkhead union improves its strength and corrosion resistance properties. They have good tensile strength and yield strength too. The Din 2.0872 male connector comes in different shapes, sizes and dimensions, and each of those can be customized as per the client specified requirements. The copper nickel 70/30 tube fittings have 70% copper and 30% nickel and there are also iron and manganese present in the alloy. They come with improved strength and corrosion resistance properties compared to that of the Cuni 90/10 ferrule fittings. Thus, they are more suitable for different types of demanding applications.

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Is copper-nickel ferrule fittings corrosion resistant?

The copper-nickel or Werkstoff 2.0882 single ferrule fittings come with great corrosion resistance properties, especially in the marine and seawater environments. This is why they are widely used in seawater equipment and different types of marine machineries.

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Can cupro nickel tube fittings rust?

The cupro nickel tube fittings show exceptional resistance to generalized corrosion and also low iron content related stress corrosion cracking. Thus, they are not susceptible to rust and hence are used for a wide range of industrial and marine applications.

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What is the melting point of copper-nickel 90/10 tube fittings?

The melting point of copper nickel 90/10 tube fittings is 2010 degrees F or 1099 degrees C.

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Advantages of Cu Ni compression fittings

The Cu Ni compression fittings are made of high quality alloy which comes with some great properties. They possess high tensile strength and have unique forming abilities. They have good reusability too. They can effectively resist mechanical stress and withstand high temperature conditions. They can also be used in high-pressure conditions. These fittings are known for offering heat-free connections which means no soldering or welding is required. This makes the installation and operation quick and easy. The fittings can be connected and disconnected without any hassles. They are compatible with tubes and pipes made of different types of material.

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Applications of Cu Ni alloy double ferrule fittings

The Cu Ni alloy double ferrule fittings can be used in different types of coolers, condensers, and heat exchangers. They are also found in water desalination plants, sanitary systems, warm water heating applications, hydraulic lines, etc. These are great option for process measurement and control system in industries like chemical processing plant, medical equipment, aerospace, etc.