Copper tube

Copper tube

What is a copper tube?

It is a machinable material with excellent thermal properties for heat transfer. A copper tube gets employed for plumbing because of superior corrosion resistance. Such tubing is reliable, sturdy, and can get produced based on the customized requirements of the user.
Copper tubing gets employed in the transportation sector for radiators and air-conditioning. Construction industries also use copper. Still, its essence lies in water supply lines and systems for heating and cooling.
You can acquire suitable piping based on internal or external fluid pressure. The installation, service conditions, and building code requirements will also affect your decision.

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Copper Tube Specification

Copper Tube Properties

What is soft copper tubing?

This type of tubing gets preferred where flexibility is the priority. It has much lower rigidity than hard copper. However, you can handle soft copper tubing just like rigid copper. It is also suitable for flared connections. Soft copper works excellently in refrigerant lines, air conditioners, heat pumps, etc.
Type K is a classic pick for soft copper tubing. It delivers minimal rusting and scale formation. The wall thickness makes it suitable for intensive applications, and the flexibility helps it conform to your needs. However, we recommend confirming the specifications with your local building codes before finalising a procuring decision for your requirement.

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Which type of copper tubing must you use for oxygen service?

While designing tubing for these needs, it is crucial to adhere to the required safety standards. The tubing may also have to deal with positive-pressure medical gases. Another advantage of using copper for healthcare needs is its antimicrobial surface. Copper can eliminate many harmful microbes like bacteria, fungi, etc.
Medical industries rely on a welded copper tube for oxygen-based applications. You must use Type K or Type L for these requirements. The typical applications include nitrous oxide for treatment, nitrogen for life-saving tools, surgical equipment, medical vacuum instruments, and tubes to dispense gases.

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What is the difference between Type M, K, and L copper tubing?

You can get copper components in different types. These include K, L, M, and A. Type l copper tubing gets preferred for interior plumbing; it is the standard in most industries. In contrast, Type M has a thin wall and gets utilized in domestic water installations. Its thinness cuts the cost and makes it affordable for smaller applications. Many residential operations get performed with this type, including compression and flare fittings. The use of type m soft copper tubing is restricted. Many plumbing codes don’t allow its applications, which makes it vital to check with the authorities before proceeding with your procurement needs.
Type k copper tubing has the thickest wall of all. It gets used in critical sectors like water distribution, oil, and fire protection. Be cautious when dealing with natural gas, as it can damage the piping. Type A is not very popular anymore, but you can see it in the drains and vents of older constructions.

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What is copper coil tubing?

Copper can change from a tubular form into coils by bending them into a circle. It is best to start with a larger shape than the desired outcome. Manufacturers use a twisting clockwise and counter-clockwise motion to achieve the required copper coil tubing. You can order this tubing in various diameters based on your needs. The dimensions will decide the cost and the fitment to your installation.
The applications range from plumbing and air-conditioning to heating and electrical parts. It is durable, economical, and safe for versatile industrial applications.

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What is the average cost of a seamless copper tube?

Copper is an economical material for many applications. It gets especially coveted by the refrigeration and air-conditioning industry. A seamless copper tube can be pricier than a welded one due to its superior properties and tolerance for high pressures and temperatures. You can purchase copper piping for around $6.25 a foot.
Many manufacturers sell at $2.50 – $10 per square foot. It roughly amounts to $11 per kg, depending on customization, dimensions, and specialized needs.
Choosing a dependable supplier with high-quality products is vital for performance. A copper alloy tube can last long and deliver reliable results if you start with superior and tested components.

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