Crimp Lugs

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Crimp Lugs

Crimp battery lugs and terminal lugs are low voltage lugs for crimping and terminating

What is a crimp lugs?

Devices used for connecting cables to various electrical appliances and other cables or mechanisms are known as Crimp lugs. Clamps connecting wires to automotive batteries are commonly known as Crimp cable lugs, and they are also used at the ends of battery jumper cables. They can be found in the wiring system of various equipment like electric boxes, automobile equipment, household appliances, and different types of durable goods. They are usually coated with plastic or PVC to avoid giving shocks to nearby people or transfer electricity to the nearby electrical component. Some crimp battery lugs do not need insulation due to their placement or lack of voltage. They are basically connectors which can be used for connecting surfaces, cables, and machinery. They are affordable, safe to use, and offers reliable performance.

Crimping on Angled crimp lugs and Long barrel crimp lugs always starts on the connection side and work towards the cable side.

How to crimp battery cable lugs without a crimper?

Crimping without a crimper tool is not recommended under most of the circumstances. However, one can use the edge of the knife or thin screwdriver for pressing the metal contacts to the wire and creating crimps on the Crimp terminal lugs.

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How to crimp lugs properly?

Before you start with the crimping process, ensure that all the components you are using are clean. You should also use good wire strippers for stripping the cable and ensure that no damage is made to the conductor. The crimping die should not get dirty. Now as the connector and conductor are connected, the crimping process can be started. The Angled crimp lugs should be made with matching tool components and a competent crimping process should be used. Also, completing the crimping process properly is crucial as the material would achieve the required compression at the end of the entire crimping phase.

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What is the purpose of crimping lug?

The purpose of Heavy duty crimp lugs is to ensure that the wire is secured in a firm way within the terminal so that it can withstand the impacts of the application for which it is designed. If there are not enough crimps, the lug will not be able to retain the wire within the terminal with enough force so as to prevent it from falling off or being pulled out.