Dacromet Bolts

Dacromet Bolts

What are dacromet bolts?

A dacromet bolt is coated with an inorganic coating of aluminium and zinc alongside an inorganic binder. The Dacromet Bolts create a barrier against corrosive media. The coat acts as a sacrificial layer that rusts before affecting the steel. The Dacromet Coated Heavy Hex Bolt helps create a permanent and temporary connection. These bolts are not affected by hydrogen embrittlement and are very durable. The Dacromet Coated Studs work in higher temperatures and bolster good adhesion and recoating performance.

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Dacromet Bolts Specifications

Dacromet Bolts Properties

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Advantages and disadvantages of dacromet coated bolts

Dacromet coated bolts have excellent corrosion resistance and good hydrogen embrittlement. The Dacromet Coated Bolts work in higher temperature conditions and have good adhesion and recoating performance. A Dacromet Stud Bolt has chromium ions which are harmful to the environment. These bolts only have a single coat, like silver white, or gray to add color to the material.

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How is dacromet applied on hex bolt and what are the process?

Dacromet coating in hex bolt is applied by applying it with zinc and aluminum flakes. The Dacromet Hex Bolt is cold dipped and spun, followed by drying and burning at 300 degrees C. The coating protects the Dacromet Coated Hex Nut in different conditions.

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Will dacromet coated fasteners rust?

Dacromet coated fastener is made with a combination of zinc and aluminum flake. Dacromet Finish Fasteners thereby have good corrosion resistance properties and tolerances. The content of zinc acts as a sacrificial anode and protects it from corrosion in harsh environments.

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What are the characteristics of dacromet coating A490 bolts?

Dacromet coated A490 bolts have a controlled coefficient of friction with no hydrogen embrittlement. These Dacromet Coating A490 Bolts have an excellent assembly with multi-tightening behavior. These bolts have good mechanical damage resistance and are suitable for higher temperature applications. They also bolster electrical conductivity and are compatible with different alloys.

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What is the minimum coating micron thickness required for dacromet finish threaded rod?

A dacromet finish threaded rod can be coated with a minimum of 5-7 microns. The higher coating on the Dacromet Finish Threaded Rod will increase its corrosion resistance and tolerances.