Dacromet Screws

Dacromet Screws

What are dacromet screws?

A dacromet screw is a water based overlapped zinc and aluminum inorganic binding grade. The Dacromet Screws offer 4-way protection against corrosion across harsh environments. These screws create temporary and permanent connection joints. Dacromet Coated Screws act as a sacrificial coating and are not affected by hydrogen embrittlement. These screws have enhanced tolerance to wear and tension. The Dacromet Torx Screws have good strength and work in higher temperature conditions. They are reliable and have good performance in the system.

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Dacromet Screws Specifications

Dacromet Screws Properties

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When would you use dacromet coated screws?

Dacromet coated screws help create a four-way corrosion resistance protection. The Dacromet Coated Screws should thereby be used in extreme conditions to deliver long-term resistance. These screws are a common feature in wind turbines, heavy trucks, marine, agricultural, and aerospace industries.

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Are dacromet coated countersunk screws rust proof?

Dacromet coated countersunk screws are made with inorganic binders, making them resistant to corrosive affluents. The Dacromet Coated Countersunk Screws contain zinc and aluminum in their coating. Zinc on these screws acts as sacrificial layer that protects them against corrosion and makes them free from rust.

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Advantages and disadvantages of dacromet machine screws

A dacromet machine screws bolsters superior corrosion resistance and are not affected by hydrogen embrittlement. The Dacromet Coated Machine Screws have good resistance to oxidation in higher pressure conditions. These screw have excellent recoating and tolerance to adhesion. Dacromet Coated Truss Head Screw have some ions of chromium that are harmful to the environment. These screws also have a single coat color layer.

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How long does dacromet coating concrete screws last?

The longevity of dacromet coating is based on the conditions they are used and the thickness of the coating. Dacromet Coating Concrete Screws with 15 microns of coating will last for 15 years or more.

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Characteristics of dacromet finish pan head screws

A dacromet finish pan head screw allows for connection with different equipment. These Dacromet Finish Pan Head Screws have excellent assembly and tightening behavior. They don’t have any hydrogen embrittlement and have resistance to mechanical damage. The Dacromet Coated Deck Screw have a controlled coefficient of friction and are suitable in temperatures up to 300 degrees C. These screw have competitive prices and possess good electrical conductivity.