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Advantages of Sanitary Fittings

A sanitary fitting is a device that is used to control material that is dry and bulky. Sanitary Fittings are easy to attach and can be readily disassembled. These fitting are thoroughly clean and follow stringent sanitary requirements. The Sanitary Pipe Fittings are designed to withstand chemicals, processing conditions, cleaning regimes, and many other factors. SMS Fittings have a smooth surface finish and have enhanced resistance to corrosive media in harsh environments.

The Sanitary Tube Fittings have a number of ports to reduce the number of connections through which fluid has to pass. This help saves space when installing SMS Union Fittings in compact spaces. The fitting are easy to clean and maintain for long periods of time. The versatile Sanitary Tee is designed to allow the movement of the flow in more than one direction. This allows the tee to have a smooth flow of media in the system. A Sanitary Elbow helps in improving the efficiency of machinery in a number of industries. These dairy fittings comply with different standards depending on the industry.


SMS Fittings available in various types such as SMS Union, RJT Union & IDF Union








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Dairy Fittings Specification

What are Dairy Fittings?

Dairy fitting are versatile devices that connect different piping materials to allow for a smooth movement of dairy products. Dairy Fittings have superior strength and showcase excellent corrosion resistance properties. These fitting are easy to use and have enhanced weldability. The Milk Pipe Fittings are designed in thicknesses of 1.5mm to 3mm. These fitting are easy to maintain and clean.


Dairy Fittings


What Exactly Dimension of Dairy Fittings ?

69.0 DN 10/15/20 0.17 73.0 34.0 17.0
60.0 1/2″-3/4″ 0.13 63.0 25.0 17.0
126.0 3″ 0.42 96.0 91.0 17.0
85.0 1″-1 1/2″ 0.21 78.0 50.5 17.0
140.0 3 1/2″ 0.44 103.0 106.0 17.0
99.0 2″ 0.25 82.0 64.0 17.0
154.0 4″ 0.51 110.0 119.0 17.0
165.0 4 1/2″ 0.60 115.0 130.0 17.0
112.0 2 1/2″ 0.35 89.0 77.5 17.0
216.0 6″ 0.88 134.0 167.0 25.0


Do You Want to Know What are Technical Details of Dairy fittings ?

Technical Details of Dairy fittings


Buy Sanitary Fittings in form of Sanitary Tee, Elbow, Reducer with MTC and Mill Test Certificate EN 10204/3.1B

Dairy Fittings Types Include

Dairy Fittings Types Include


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What are DIN 11852, DIN 11851 & DIN 11850 Fittings?

DIN 11852, DIN 11851, and DIN 11850 fittings are a grade of fittings that are used in the food and chemical industries. These standards are used to ensure quality control, safety, and environmental protection for steel products across Europe. The fittings are available in the form of tees, elbows, valves, Sanitary Reducer, etc.


Cider Fittings and Brewery Fittings suitable for Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Brewing and Dairy industry


Uses & Application of Hygienic Fittings

Hygienic fittings are utilized in places that require high hygienic standards in the pharmaceutical, food, and brewing industries. Hygienic Fittings are also seen in food, medical, and biological applications. These fittings are utilized where cleanliness and sterility are required. Brewery Fittings have higher impact strength and prevent bacterial and other contaminants from damaging different media.


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