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Bull Plug

Differences between forged bull plug and tapped bull plug

A forged bull plug is produced as metal is forged at elevated temperatures. Here heat billets are passed through shaping them into different sizes. The bull plug with tap is produced as metal is pre-punched or extruded through a hole. This helps create threads for engagement with another device. A tapped tool is used in metric and imperial sizes to produce a tap bull plug.

Is NPT the same as NPS?

An NPT threaded bull plug is designed with tapered threads which are 2 inches apart from each other. These plugs can meet each other during the connection. The NPS threads are parallel to each other and are straight.

Difference between SCH 40, STD, S160, XH, XXH Bull Plug

Schedules help define the wall thickness of a bull plug. An SCH 40 bull plug is designed to handle lower pressure and temperatures. The XH bull plug is manufactured with the same wall thickness as schedule 80. These plugs can handle moderate pressures and temperatures. An STD 160 bull plug can handle considerably higher pressures and temperatures. The XXH bull plug is a heavy duty plug that has enhanced strength and tolerance to elevated temperatures.

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What Is A Bull Plug?

A bull plug is a solid plug that is used as an isolation device in the piping system. Conduits and wellbore tubulars are used alongside a coupling to seal the piping area. The bull plug pipe fitting helps in characterizing the flow of gaseous and liquid flow in the system. These fittings are available in lengths between 6 to 18. The hex head bull plug has a hexagonal cross section. These plugs have a unique design that allow them to move easily in the system. The hex bull plug can be custom designed in different sizes and dimensions.

The plugs are designed commonly with carbon and stainless steel. A carbon steel bull plug has a higher content of carbon that gives it moderate strength and corrosion resistance properties. A stainless steel bull plug has excellent corrosion resistance properties and works well across harsh environments. These plugs are divided into 304 and 316 grades. The ASTM A182 f304 bull plug is designed with a chemical composition of 18% chromium and 8% nickel alongside other alloys. The ASTM A182 f316 bull plug has a chemical content of 16% chromium, 10% nickel, and 2% molybdenum content. This gives the 316 pipe bull plug enhanced corrosion resistance properties over the 304 grade. However, the price of 304 grade ASTM A105 bull plug is cheaper than 316 grade.

Hex Head Bull Plug Specification

Bull plug specifications

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Price Of Bull Plug

Price Per Piece Price in UAE Dirham Price in UAE Dirham
ROUND PE SA350 LF2 CL1 Per Kg US $ 0.77 UAE Dirham 2.81
A182 F304 Stainless Steel Per piece US $ 6.43 UAE Dirham 23.63
SOLID 2″ LP X 4″ LONG Per Piece US $ 4.67 UAE Dirham 17.17
TAPPED 1-2″ N, 2″ LP X 4 LONG Per Piece US $ 12.61 UAE Dirham 46.33
2 inch Schedule 40 – Zinc Electroplated Bull Plugs Per Piece US $ 5.43 UAE Dirham 19.94

Zinc plated ASTM A105 Bull Plug with fully treated surface, check Tap Bull Plug dimensions and price in Dubai

Bull Plug Dimensions

Threaded bull plug dimensions

Application Of Bull Plug

  • Refineries
  • Gas Processing
  • Power Generation
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Food Processing & Dairy
  • Fertilizers
  • Paper & Pulp Companies

HS Code For Bull Plugs

HS Code 8481 (Bull Plug)

Function Of Bull Plugs

One of the primary functions of a bull plug is to plug a hole or close the end of a line. Apart from that a solid plug used to isolate piping systems, conduits, or wellbore tubulars

Bull plug pipe fitting in NPT/NPTF Thread Type as per MSS SP-95

Threaded Bull Plug Standards

  • NPT
  • NPTF
  • G thread type

Threaded Bull Plugs Types

Bull plugs

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Pipe Bull Plugs

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Forged Steel Bull Plugs

Bull Plugs Fitting

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Carbon Steel Bull Plugs

What Is A Bull Plug Used For?

A bull plug is a short part with one threaded end and one rounded closed end that is used to keep borehole fluids out of the bottom end of down-hole logging instruments.

Hex bull plug in SCH 40, STD, S160, XH, XXH with MTC EN 10204-3.1, threaded bull plug available in Stainless & Carbon Steel material in Middle East

Npt Bull Plug Materials

Stainless Steel

Pressure Class: 3000#, 6000# 9000#


  • 304
  • 304L
  • 316
  • 316L
  • 317
  • 317L
  • 310
  • 321
  • 347
  • 347H
  • 904L

ASTM Standard: ASTM A182

ASME Standard: ASME SA182

Mainly used in: Chemical Industry, Petroleum Industry

Stainless Steel Bull plug
Duplex / Super Duplex Hex Head Bull Plug

Duplex / Super Duplex

Pressure Class: 3000#, 6000# 9000#


  • Duplex 2205
  • Super Duplex 2507
  • F51
  • F53
  • F55
  • UNS S31803
  • UNS S32205
  • UNS S32550
  • UNS S32750
  • UNS S32760
  • UNS S32950

ASTM Standard: ASTM A182

ASME Standard: ASME SA182

Mainly used in: Domestic water, Cement Industries

Carbon Steel

Pressure Class: 2000 / 3000 / 6000 LBS


  • A105
  • A350 LF1
  • A350 LF2 CL1/CL2
  • A350 LF3 CL1/CL2
  • A694 F42
  • A694 F46
  • A694 F48
  • A694 F50
  • A694 F52
  • A694 F56
  • A694 F60
  • A694 F65
  • A694 F70

ASTM Standard: ASTM A105 / A350 LF2 / A694

ASME Standard: ASME SA105 / SA350 LF2 / SA694

Mainly used in: Energy Industry, Refining Industry

Carbon Steel Pipe Bull Plug
Alloy Steel Hex Bull Plug

Alloy Steel

Pressure Class: 2000 / 3000 / 6000 LBS


  • A182 F1
  • A182 F5
  • A182 F9
  • A182 F11
  • A182 F12
  • A182 F22
  • A182 F91
  • A182 F92

ASTM Standard: ASTM A182

ASME Standard: ASME SA182

Mainly used in: Pulp & Paper Indusry, Power Plant Industry

Copper Nickel

Pressure Class: 2000 / 3000 / 6000 LBS


  • Copper Nickel 90/10
  • Copper Nickel 70/30

ASTM Standard: ASTM B467

ASME Standard: ASME SB467

Mainly used in: Oil and Gas Industry, Chemical Industry

Copper Nickel Npt Bull Plug
Nickel Alloy Threaded Bull Plug

Nickel Alloy

Pressure Class: 2000 / 3000 / 6000 LBS


  • NICKEL 200
  • NICKEL 201
  • MONEL 400
  • MONEL K500
  • INCONEL 600
  • INCONEL 601
  • INCONEL 625
  • INCOLOY 800
  • INCOLOY 800H
  • INCOLOY 825

ASTM Standard: ASTM B564
ASME Standard: ASME SB564
Mainly used in: Paper Industries, Aerospace Industry