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Threaded Boss

How do I know what size NPT I need for threaded boss fitting?

An NPT carbon steel threaded boss fitting size can be checked using a caliper. Here the second and third thread on the pipe has to be measured. So if the approx, caliper reading is 0.38 with threads per inch being 27 the nominal size is 1/8. Similarly, if the caliper reading is 0.48 with threads per inch being 18 the nominal size is ¼.

Is NPT measured by ID or OD of weld on threaded bosses?

NPT weld on threaded bosses is measured based on their standard inner diameter ID of the fitting. The ID is different from one manufacturer to the other. The outer diameter of the welding boss threaded is usually 0.250 in larger than the inside diameter of the device.

Differences Between BSP and NPT Threaded Boss?

A BSP threaded boss is designed with round threads which have a 55 degree angle. The npt boss has pointed peaks and valleys with a 60 degrees angle.

Advantages & applications of Threaded Boss

A stainless steel threaded boss is designed to efficiently connect different piping materials. The boss helps in characterizing the fluid flow within the system. This threaded welding boss is commonly seen in compressed air and vacuum systems. The boss fittings are also seen in hydraulic, plumbing systems, radiators, etc.

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What is a threaded boss?

A threaded boss is a device that is employed to connect two fluids carrying piping material. In this fitting, a male thread is aligned to a female thread to create a mechanical seal. The threaded boss fitting differs from other sealing as a nut is required to tighten the boss to create a chamfered area. This creates a tight fluid seal on the boss threaded fittings.

Threaded Boss Specification

Threaded boss specifications

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Screwed Boss Fitting Price List

Price Per Piece Price in USD Price in UAE Dirham
Screwed Boss – 30.9mm Per Piece US $ 2.50 UAE Dirham 9.18
3/4 BSP Screwed BOSS Per piece US $ 1.95 UAE Dirham 7.17
WELDING 12 X 1/2 CL 3000 Screwed NPT(F) ASTM A105N ASME B16.11 Per Kg US $ 49.94 UAE Dirham 183.43
3 X 1/2 ASTM A350 GR LF2 CL1 CL 3000 Screwed BOSS NPT (F) Per Piece US $ 48.61 UAE Dirham 178.56

The price may vary as per the location, you may contact the verified manufacturers & suppliers listed on this page.

Check stainless steel threaded boss thread diameter & pitch size for a leak proof connection

Function and Technical Drawing of Stainless Steel Threaded Boss

Threaded Boss Technical Drawing

The ASME B16.11 welding boss is used as a branch connection on a pipe header or a nozzle connection on equipment. The boss’s Screwed connection connects a branch pipe. The boss is then welded to the pipe header’s outside surface. In comparison to a half coupling, the other end is bevelled at a 45°2.5° angle with a root face of 1.6mm0.76mm. The bevelled end will make the welding process easier.

ASME B16.11 Threaded Boss Types

Threaded Boss

Threaded Boss Fitting

Stainless Steel Threaded Boss

Aluminium Screwed Boss

Female Threaded Boss

M6 Screwed Boss

ASME B16.11 Threaded Boss

Carbon Steel Screwed Boss

Alloy Steel Threaded Boss

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Marking & Packing of M6 Threaded Boss


ASME B16.11 Screwed Boss is bundled with nylon rope and sleeved into a plastic bag. Clear labels are affixed to the outside of the package to allow for easy identification of the quantity and product identification.


  • Alloy Name
  • Outside Diameter
  • Wall Thickness
  • Heat Number
  • Manufacturer Name

Screwed Boss Dimensions

ASME B16.11 threaded boss dimensions

Boss threaded fittings available in Class 2000/ 3000 / 6000 as per BS3799/ ASME B16.11 standard

Available Classes and Standard of Screwed Boss


  • Class 2000
  • Class 3000
  • Class 6000


  • ASME B16.11
  • BS3799
  • MSS SP-95