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Threaded Cap

What is a Threaded Cap?

A threaded cap is a fitting that is designed to cover the ends of the piping system. These caps ensure a waterproof connection. The threaded cap fitting can also be used to close the ends of pneumatic pipes, tubes, or hydraulic systems. The versatile threaded pipe cap provides protection to the pipes against corrosive effluents that are common in harsh environments. The 2 inch screwed cap can be used in water lines to remove air blocks and various other requirements. This makes them a highly demanded commodity in the market.

The threaded end cap is easy to install and doesn’t require special machinery to torque them. These caps don’t even have higher torque demands to bind them in place. The screw cap fittings are preferred for use in lower pressure and temperature condition where stress on the system is low. Apart from this, the threaded pipe cap fitting is cheaper and easy to use.

The bronze forged cap is commonly designed in square, round, rectangular, U, I, and hex shapes. These caps are available in different thread types and are very efficient. A stainless steel threaded cap has excellent corrosion resistance properties and works well in high temperature conditions. The copper pipe cap can be custom designed in a range of sizes and shapes and per requirements.

Does SAE mean fine thread of Cap Fitting?

The SAE screwed pipe cap supplies pipes with fine threads.

Are UNF and SAE threads the same in Brass End Cap?

A brass end cap can fit both UNF and SAE standards. However, both cannot be used interchangeably. The UNF brass cap has coarse threads, while SAE uses fine threads.

How to choose the correct thread type of ss forged cap for leak proof connection?

There are six types of threads seen in the piping industry. You can identify the threading on the carbon steel threaded cap using a pitch gauge and caliper. The next step is to understand whether they have a parallel threads like BSP cap or tapered threads. Determining the thread you need based on the pitch of the thread and its size. The forged pipe cap that suits the locking pattern of your pipe should be selected.

What is a Threaded Barrel End Cap?

A threaded barrel end cap is a female fitting that is used to seal the ends of different equipment in the industry. The barrel brass pipe cap prevents dust, moisture, and other material during the manufacturing and storage processes.

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Threaded Cap Specification

Threaded cap specifications

Threaded Cap Fitting Price List

Price Per Piece UAE Dirham
NPT 150# Cast 304 Stainless Steel Caps 3 Inch Per Piece UAE Dirham 182.04
1 inch 304 Stainless Steel Caps NPT Per piece UAE Dirham 19.98
3/8 in. Caps – NPT 150# Per Piece UAE Dirham 12.34
1/2 in. NPT Caps, 125 PSI, Lead Free Brass Per Piece UAE Dirham 12.45
6 in. NPT Caps – 150# Black Malleable Iron Per Piece UAE Dirham 488.07

ASME B16.11 Threaded Pipe Cap Types

Threaded Cap

Threaded Cap Fitting

Brass Threaded Cap

Aluminum Threaded Cap

A105 Threaded Cap

Bsp Threaded Cap

Copper Threaded Cap

Threaded Conduit Cap

Gi Pipe Threaded End Cap

Male Threaded Cap

Npt Threaded Cap

Stainless Steel Threaded Cap

Threaded Cap Fitting and Copper Pipe Cap with NPT/NPTF, BSPP threads

Why to use Bsp Caps?

These caps provide a tighter fit to protect threaded connections or leads on a wide range of products. Threaded caps, in addition to providing a tighter and more complete seal, act as a barrier to dirt and damage and can also be used as masking caps during finishing operations.

Things to consider while buying Black Threaded Cap

The following are some things to think about while buying Threaded Cap:

  • Material
  • Outer diameter
  • Thread size
  • Type
  • Length and head type in shapes

Features of A105 Threaded Cap

Before making a bulk purchase of threaded caps, the buyer should consider several important specifications.

  • NPT size: It is appropriate for round-shaped caps where the protected object has a male NPT thread.
  • BSP size: This size option is only available for round-shaped caps with a male BSP thread on the object to be capped.
  • Diameter: Diameter is a critical dimension that is only applicable to round caps and plugs. The major thread diameter is the most important feature to consider in the case of fittings with straight threads.
  • Shape: Dimension and shape of pipe caps are also important factors to consider. Pipe caps of various shapes have distinct characteristics.
Check carbon steel and bronze screwed caps dimensions, metric & imperial size chart

Threaded Pipe Cap Dimensions

Threaded Cap Dimensions

Class 3000

Class 3000 stainless steel threaded cap dimensions

Class 6000

Class 6000 threaded cap fittings dimensions

Threaded Cap Symbol

Threaded Cap Symbol

Application of NPT Threaded Cap

  • Pipeline
  • Power Industries
  • Equipments
  • Ship Building Industries
  • Paper Industries
  • Oil and Gas Industries
  • Food Processing Industries
Brass Threaded Cap and Threaded Barrel End Cap standard as per BS 3799/ ASME B16.11

Manufacturing Standards of Screwed Cap

  • ASME B16.11
  • MSS SP-95
  • BS 3799