Threaded Cross

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Threaded Cross

What is a threaded cross?

A threaded cross is a four way fitting used in the industry. This fitting has three outlets with one inlet section. The threaded cross pipe fitting is positioned at a 90-degree angle. These fittings allow for a stable grip and secure connections to different male pipe fittings. This is a employed to connect pipes and equipment to control or change the media in the system. The threaded cross dimensions are designed in nominal sizes of 1⁄2 to 48. The cross has a thickness between SCH 5 to SCH 160 and XXS.

What is SAE thread in threaded cross pipe fitting?

SAE threaded cross fitting has straight threads and requires an O ring gasket to secure them. The thread is highly reliable and strongly affix material. The SAE screwed cross fitting is a feature in automotive piping systems, lower pressure applications, etc.

Difference between bsp and sae thread of threaded pipe cross

A bsp brass threaded cross has a 55 degree angle, while an SAE thread has a 45 degree angle.

How many threads should engage for NPT in threaded cross fitting?

NPT threads of stainless steel threaded cross have excellent engagement length for both straight and wrenched material types. For a carbon steel threaded cross, 1/4 inch tapered pipe fitting should screw in 4.1 threads until it is finger tight. The threads and the copper threaded cross fitting may influence the process.

Equal vs threaded reducing cross

A cross fitting can be designed in an equal and reducing configuration. A threaded equal cross allows for an even flow of fluids and gases to take place across its three outlet sections. In the threaded reducing cross, one of the openings is of reduced size than the other two outlets.

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Specification list of Threaded Cross

Threaded cross specifications

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Threaded Cross Fitting Price list

Price Per Piece Price in USD Price in UAE Dirham
1 Inch NPT Screwed Class 125 Bronze Per Piece US $ 30.95 UAE Dirham 113.68
Threaded NPT 304 Forged Stainless Steel 1 inch Per piece US $ 163.32 UAE Dirham 599.88
6000# Forged Carbon Steel NPT Screwed 2 Inch Per Piece US $ 380.74 UAE Dirham 1398.47
1-1/2 in. – 150# NPT Screwed 316 Stainless Steel Per Piece US $ 63.46 UAE Dirham 233.09
1/4 in. Screwed NPT 125 PSI Lead Free Brass Per Piece US $ 9.72 UAE Dirham 35.70

Please note: The price may vary as per the location, you may contact the verified manufacturers & suppliers listed on this page.

Stainless Steel Cross Dimensions

Threaded Cross Dimensions

Class 2000

Class 2000 threaded cross fitting dimensions

Class 3000

Class 3000 threaded cross pipe fitting dimensions

Class 6000

Class 6000 threaded cross dimensions

Types of Screwed Cross

Threaded Cross

Threaded Cross Fitting

Stainless Steel Cross

Screwed Cross

Carbon Steel Cross

Alloy Steel Cross

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Threaded Equal Cross Manufacturing Standards

ASME: ASME 16.11, MSS SP-79, BS 3799
DIN: DIN2616, DIN2605, DIN2617, DIN2615, DIN28011
EN: EN10253-2, EN10253-1

Packaging of Carbon Steel Cross

Each order is packaged according to the customer’s specifications, including export preparation such as a wooden case, pallet, or as specified by the customer. All shipping documentation is provided to ensure a smooth delivery from the mill to the customer.

Threaded Cross Packing
Threaded Cross Packing
Leakproof threaded equal cross and stainless steel threaded cross with NPT & NPTF Threads

Screwed Equal Cross Threads

  • NPT stands for National Pipe Thread Taper.
  • BS 21: British Standard Pipe Taper
  • MPT, MNPT, NPT(M): Male or external tapered pipe threads
  • DIN 2999: Pipe Threads for Tubes and Fittings
  • FPT, FNPT, NPT(F)*: Female or internal tapered pipe threads
  • BSPT: British Standard Pipe Taper

Why use BSPT / NPT Forged Threaded Cross?

  • Screwed Cross NPT threads have an angle of 60° and also have flattened peaks and valleys
  • BSPT threads have an angle of 55°. Compare to NPT Threaded Cross BSPT threads have rounded peaks and valleys
Threaded pipe cross and carbon steel threaded cross Dimensional Tolerances as per ASME B16.11

Screwed Cross Fitting Tolerance

Width across flats: +0/-0,4 mm

Angular tolerances on axis of end: ±2,5°