DIN 10083 bolts

DIN 10083 Bolts

The bolts display absolute toughness with strong mechanical strength. DIN 10083 bolts provide secure tight dependable joints and maintains the stability of the system. DIN 10083-3 hex bolts exhibit absolute hardness and high durability. The bolts are very compatible hence can be used in various industrial applications for different parts, components and systems. Due to their high tensile strength DIN EN 10083-1 Carriage Bolts can be used in harsh environments. The bolts require less torque and prevent over tightening.

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The bolts are popular in the global industrial fastener market due to its high compatibility with various parts, components and systems. They display superior performance due to its strong hardness and vibrational resistance.

Specification of DIN 10083 bolts

DIN 10083 Bolts Specifications

Imperial Sizes Metric sizes Threads
3/6″ to 4″ M3 to M52
  • ISO
  • UNF
  • UNC
  • UNEF
  • UN
  • UNJF
Length Process Temperature range
3mm – 200 mm
  • Cold Forging
  • Hot forging
-200°c to +700°c
Heat Treatment DIN 10083 bolting certifications Drive types
  • Quenched and tempered
  • Annealing
  • Hardening
  • EN 10204 3.1
  • EN 10204 3.2
  • PED 2014/68/EC
  • MERKBLATT AD 2000 W2/W7/W10
  • API 20 E BSL 1/ BSL 2
  • NACE MR 0175
  • NACE MR 0103
  • Combination
  • Slotted
  • Phillips
  • Frearson
  • Hex, Socket or Allen
  • Square
Type of DIN 10083 Bolts Head style Standards
  • DIN 10083 Anchor Bolts
  • DIN EN 10083 Carriage Bolts
  • DIN 10083-3 Blind Bolts
  • DIN 10083 Eye Bolts
  • DIN 10083-1 Double End Bolts
  • DIN 10083-2 Hex Bolts
  • DIN EN 10083 Flange Bolts
  • DIN 10083 Machine Bolts
  • Oval
  • Round
  • Hex Washer
  • Hexagon
  • Socket Cap
  • Button
  • Flat
  • Truss
  • Pan
  • Slotted Hex Washer
  • DIN 10083
Coating Application Origin
  • PTFE
  • Ceramic
  • Xylan
  • Dacromet
  • Molykote
  • Sewage
  • Petrochemical
  • Oil & Gas
  • Water Desalinational
  • Sea Water
  • Japan
  • Korea
  • South America
Neck types At pipingmaterial.ae, DIN 10083 bolts manufacturers provide Testing
  • Knurled
  • Hex
  • Square
  • Triangular
  • Oval
  • Mill Test Certificate
  • Raw Materials Certificate
  • Free sample
  • NABL Approved Lab Reports
  • Third Party Inspection Report
  • Chemical analysis
  • Tensile test
  • Impact test

Find genuine manufacturers of DIN EN 10083 fasteners for high temperature applications, also check the temperature rating of DIN 10083-1 heavy hex bolt

DIN EN 10083 fasteners exhibit high heat tolerance and can be used in wide range of high temperature applications range up to +7000C. These fasteners maintain their mechanical strength even in elevated temperature and high-pressure conditions. The temperature rating of DIN 10083-1 heavy hex bolt is -2000C to +7000C. The bolts display outstanding low cryogenic functionality.

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The price of DIN 10083-2 anchor bolts depends on its size, length, thread type and manufacturing method used. You can compare the price list of these bolts with our verified suppliers and stockists who are offering top-notch quality products and get best reasonable pricing rates. You can contact our verified listed manufacturers for more details on the DIN EN 10083 3 hex head bolts quality and its specifications and get best negotiable deals.

Check DIN EN 10083 eye bolts and 10083-1 carriage bolts characteristics, dimensions and specifications

Before purchasing DIN EN 10083 eye bolts properly check out its characteristics, dimension and other specifications given on the platform in the specific material page to ensure that you are purchasing the correct material for your required application.

Supply DIN EN 10083-2 C45E flange bolts with hydro-tested in United Arab Emirates, view EN 10083-2 C60 u bolts advantages & disadvantages

There are various industrial advantages of using DIN 10083 bolts:

  • DIN EN 10083-2 C45e flange bolts are highly resistant to corrosion, oxidation and chemicals due to their strong outer protective coating layer of ceramic, molykote, dacromet, xylan, and PTFE.
  • The bolts display excellent fatigue resistance and are capable of handling heavy loads, pressure and stress.
  • DIN EN 10083-2 C60 U Bolts provide larger bearing surface area which equally distribute the overall tension or pressure and reduces the stress.
  • They prevent loosening and are easy to install and remove.

DIN EN 10083-2 C45E flange bolts Chemical Composition

EN 10083 Chemical Composition

DIN EN 10083 fasteners Mechanical Properties

EN 10083 Mechanical Properties

DIN EN 10083 3 hex head bolts Heat Treatment

DIN 10083 Bolts Heat Treatment