DIN 10083 bolts

DIN 10083 Bolts

What are DIN 10083 Bolts?

The DIN 10083 bolt is a quenched, tempered, flame or induction hardened bolt used in normalized conditions. DIN 10083 Bolts are used to efficiently connect and support two pieces of equipment in the system. These bolts help create a permanent or temporary connection. The DIN EN 10083 Eye Bolts are alloyed with chromium, molybdenum, nickel, and other alloys. This allows the bolts to have enhanced resistance to corrosive media. DIN EN 10083-1 Carriage Bolts have superior strength with outstanding mechanical properties. These bolts can be fastened using wrenches or Allen keys. The DIN EN 10083-2 C45e Flange Bolts can handle higher pressurized media and bolster good tolerances. These bolts prevent vibration and stress on the equipment. DIN EN 10083-2 C60 U Bolts are available in different sizes to suit a range of project requirements.

DIN 10083 Bolts Specifications

EN 10083 Chemical Composition

EN 10083 Mechanical Properties

DIN 10083 Bolts Heat Treatment

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What is DIN EN 10083 Fasteners?

The DIN EN 10083 fasteners are used to connect two or more material equipment. These DIN EN 10083 Fasteners are mechanically joining equipment to create a strong sealing. They are available in the form of bolts, screws, studs, nuts, washers, etc.

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What is the maximum temperature of an DIN 10083-2 Anchor Bolts?

The maximum temperature DIN 10083-2 anchor bolt is used to connect structural and non-structural equipment. These DIN 10083-2 Anchor Bolts work in temperatures of -25 to 480 degrees C.

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How do you measure the length of DIN 10083-1 Heavy Hex Bolt?

The DIN 10082-1 heavy hex bolt is measured based on its diameters and lengths of the grade. A DIN 10083-1 Heavy Hex Bolt length is measured from the hexagonal part of the head to the blunt end of the screw.

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Characteristics of DIN 10083-3 Hex Bolts

The DIN 10083-3 hex bolts are a fine grained homogenous microstructure. These DIN 10083-3 Hex Bolts have superior strength and bolster good ductility. They have a density of 7.8 g/cm3 with good tensile and yield strength. The bolts can fit well across compact spaces.

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What are the advantages & disadvantages of DIN EN 10083 3 Hex Head Bolts?

The DIN EN 10083 3 hex bolt has better tightening torque. These DIN EN 10083 3 Hex Head Bolts can fit to compact spaces and bolster good strength. They can be quenched or tempered conditions. However, these bolts have a higher profile head than other fasteners. Also, they can only be fastened using a wrench or an Allen key.