DIN 2353 fittings

DIN 2353 hydraulic fittings suppliers in UAE

DIN 2353 fittings

What are DIN 2353 fittings?

It refers to the industry standard for metric hydraulic fittings and non-soldering compression fittings with rings. DIN 2353 has been prepared by the Piping and Boiler Plant Standards Committee (NARD). DIN stands for “Deutsches Institut für Normung” or the “German institute for Standardization”.

DIN 2353 gets referred to when selecting the sizes and shapes of fittings for an installation. The DIN 2353 fittings standard applies to various fittings like bite type and compression tube. The most useful aspect is that they don’t require O-rings to create a leak-proof seal. It makes them a favoured choice in many hydraulic applications.

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DIN 2353 compression fittings for pneumatics & hydraulic applications in Middle East countries

What is a DIN 2353 24° cone fitting?

These fittings get regularly used in industrial applications and produced in different sizes and thread dimensions. DIN 2353 24° cone fittings have male ends with a 24° cone and a straight thread. They have three female connectors also with straight threads and sealing surfaces. The sealing gets created between the cone on the male and the corresponding areas on the female connectors.

In these fittings, the outer diameter of the tube gets mated with a 24° seat of the male fitting. You can choose different options for the female component, like O-ring, welded, ring and nut, etc.

DIN 2353 24° cone fittings available in carbon/ stainless steel, brass, copper, Inconel and Hastelloy

What are DIN 2353 hydraulic fittings?

DIN fittings often get used in hydraulic applications due to their leak-proof seal and flareless installation. DIN 2353 hydraulic fittings comprise a body, the ferrule, and a nut. The cutting edges of the ring bite into the outer surface of the pipe. The resulting seal can withstand high pressures and vibration. It makes them attractive for fluid-based systems that encounter massive pulsation.

These fittings are used in hydraulic systems and can deal with various kinds of fluids. You will find DIN 2353 hose fittings in petrochemicals, oil and gas, and pneumatic applications.

DIN 2353 Bite Tube Fittings in light (L), very light (LL) and heavy (S) series

Applications of DIN 2353 compression fittings

The leak-tight seal created by these fittings makes them ideal for a range of industrial applications. You can find DIN 2353 compression fittings in oil and gas plants, fluid-based applications, and construction. Usually, they get manufactured with carbon steel or stainless steel. You can choose the material based on the media of transmission.

You can find such fittings in different sizes, although 4mm to 42mm is the most common. Their primary uses include tube fittings, swivel couplings, and non-return valves. They adapt well to the needs of high-pressure industries and can operate in severe environmental conditions.

DIN 2353 hose fittings from 4mm to 42mm at the lowest price in Dubai

DIN 2353 bite type tube fittings vs. ferrule fitting

DIN 2353 ferrule fittings are standard connections that use a body, one or two ferrules, and a nut to create a strong seal. DIN 2353 Bite Tube Fittings also employ ferrules in either a single- or a double design, but they are specially designed with sharp edges. Upon assembly, the ferrule bows, pushing the leading edge into the tube. It creates a proper grip through this biting action. A double-ferrule bite type fitting gets preferred in conditions of vibration or thermal shock for a sturdier grip.

DIN 2353 bite type fittings frequently get used in industries where harsh environmental conditions exist. For instance, you will find them in drilling, mining, shipbuilding, etc.

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