DIN 2605 Elbow

DIN 2605 Elbow

What is DIN 2605 elbow?

Seamless or welded fittings produced under DIN 2605 elbow specification are ideal for full-service pressure.

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Marking formula of DIN 2605 long radius elbow

An DIN 2605 long radius elbow is divided into three sections horizontally. Imaginary lines i.e. A1 (Distance from the Outside edge), A2 (distance at the centre of the elbow) & A3 (Distance from the Inside edge) are drawn across the elbows. Hence we get three different dimensions for its radius i.e. OutsideR1 ( elbow centre radius + ½ OD elbow ), centre R2 (1.5 x d) & Inside R3 ( elbow centre radius – ½ OD elbow)

For a 90-degree, long-radius elbow the formula used is

  • A = (Pi X 2 X R X 90)/360
  • Where Pi = 3.142

Since there are 3 different sized radii here, the formula is to be calculated 2 more times. Each time the radius dimensions are replaced to get the distance.

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Difference between DIN 2605 type 2 and type 3 elbow?

The difference between types 2 and 3 is their measurements. While the radius for type 2 is 1xd (d= diameter), the radius for type 3 is 1.5xd.

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What is DIN 2605 90 deg elbow type 3 cutting formula?

For a 90-degree elbow that is 8”, the formula considers it in 3 cuts and 4 pieces.

  • The elbow is a 1.5 radius. (The radius measures 304.8mm)
  • Elbow radius = 304.8mm x 2 i.e. 609.6
  • 90 degree/3 = 30 degrees (3 cuts)
  • 30degree/2 = 15 degrees
  • SIN(15)x609 = 157.7 mm (calculation of the middle piece)
  • 157.7/2 =78.8mm (side piece)
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Purpose of DIN 2605 short radius elbow

Compared to a long-radius elbow, the flow of media changes its direction at a sharper turn when a DIN 2605 short radius elbow is used.

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How to choose the right DIN 2605-1 elbow for oil and gas projects?

While choosing a DIN 2605-1 elbow for this industry parameters such as temperature range, pressure flow, corrosion resistance, and size need to be considered. Choosing the right elbow is possible if one understands the functioning and the needs of the application. In oil and gas products, the fittings need to have high hardness, good tensile strength, resistance to hydrocarbon and the ability to withstand high temperatures with fluctuations in pressure. The best material for this would be stainless steel, as they offer multiple properties and are highly durable.