DIN 2616 Reducer

DIN 2616 Reducer

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What is DIN 2616 reducer?

These fittings are used in a piping system to join pipes of two different diameters. The transition in the pipe sizes is gradual

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DIN 2616-1 concentric vs eccentric reducer: what’s the difference?

A concentric reducer is built to resemble a cone. This cone-shaped device will join sections of pipes that are on the same axis. On the other hand, an eccentric reducer is constructed with one edge parallel to the connecting pipe, and the other side at an angle. The side that is parallel to the pipe permits alignment with one side of the inlet. And the side that is angled increases the flow of media through the pipe.

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How to calculate the weight of the DIN 2616 concentric reducer?

Calculate the weight of a reducer using the following equation –

  • 0.02466 × S ×[ (D+d)/2-S] × H / 1000
  • Where –
  • S = Wall thickness of the Concentric Reducer
  • D = Outside diameter of the larger part
  • d = Outside diameter of the small part
  • H = End-to-end dimension
Check DIN 2616-1 reducer weight and dimensional suitability to ASME B16.9

How to make a DIN 2616 butt-welding reducer from the plate?

Making a DIN 2616 Reducer is possible using a template. The template will need to consider both outer diameters and height. Once the template is ready, the plate is cut and the ends of the metal are welded together.

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What is the role of the DIN 2616 eccentric reducer?

The primary role of a DIN 2616 Eccentric Reducer is to ensure there is no accumulation of air in a piping system.