DIN 2617 Cap

DIN 2617 Cap

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What is DIN 2617 cap?

These fittings are installed to a pipe to terminate the flow of media. In simple words, they shut down both ends of a pipe.

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Common uses of DIN 2617 large diameter pipe end caps?

Large-Diameter Pipe End Caps also help prevent leaks in industries that have volatile or highly flammable fluids being transmitted in a piping system. A DIN 2617 Cap is used in sectors like chemical processing, oil refineries, pulp and paper. They are also a part of Air Pollution Control- Scrubbers, which are used in Coal-Fired Power Plants or as Cooling Devices in marine engineering.

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Purpose of DIN 2617 buttweld caps

Caps function as an endpoint in piping systems. They are connected to the ends of a pipe and can act as a protective device for the pipe’s exterior threads – in case of future installations.

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Surface treatment of DIN 2617 stainless steel pipe cap

To improve the corrosion resistance properties and its surface the Din 2617 Stainless Steel Pipe Cap may have surface treatments. A common surface treatment is galvanization or, electroplating with zinc. Sometimes, the fitting may be coat-baked with powder epoxy resin.

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How is the DIN 2617 seamless cap installed?

Caps may be produced with or without threads. If the fitting is threaded, the internal threads will mate with the external threads of a pipe. However, caps that are not threaded, are installed to pipes by welding.