DIN 267 bolt

DIN 267 Bolt

What is DIN 267 bolt?

The DIN 267 bolts cover standard German steel specification grade. A DIN 267 Bolt is designed to connect different equipment efficiently. These bolts help create either permanent or temporary connections. The DIN 267 Part 9 Hex Bolt are austenitic grades that bolster superior corrosion resistance in harsh environmental conditions. The DIN 267 Part 26 Heavy Hex Bolts have a higher head type showcasing excellent workability and tolerances. These bolts are reliable and have a long service life. DIN 267-5 Nuts are employed to fasten bolt, studs, and screws. These screws allow for better clamping force and reduce axial movement in the system. A DIN 267-2 Threaded Rod has good mechanical properties and works in different temperature conditions. These rods are available in different sizes to suit different material requirements.

DIN 267 Bolt Specifications

DIN 267 Properties

DIN 267 4 Proof Load

DIN 267 screw and DIN 267-27 fasteners for petrochemical industries in the United Arab Emirates

Application of DIN 267 screw

The DIN 267 screws are employed to fasten different materials efficiently. This DIN 267 Screw is a feature in fastening equipment and high strength applications. These screws are also a feature in chemical processing, nuclear plants, the construction industry, etc.

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What is the hardness of DIN 267-27 fasteners?

The DIN 267-27 fasteners are designed in classes 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, and 12. DIN 267-27 Fasteners are designed with a Brinell hardness of 290 to 335 HB max.

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How much weight can DIN 267-26 boltings hold?

The weight of the DIN 267-26 boltings is dependent on its size and shank diameter. Generally, DIN 267-26 Boltings have a weight capacity of 600 to 35,000 lbs.

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What is the advantage of DIN 267-11 stud bolts?

The DIN 267-11 stud bolt is a fastener that allows it to have more accurate torque values. These DIN 267-11 Stud Bolts don’t twist during tightening and have less wear to block threads. They stretch is one axis alone and provide even clamping in the system.

DIN 267 part 26 heavy hex bolts available in BSF, BSW, UNF, UNC threads, also check its characteristics

DIN 267-1 washers characteristics

The DIN 267-1 washer is employed to evenly distribute the load in the system. These DIN 267-1 Washers have working temperatures between -200 to 700 degrees C. They protect the equipment against damage across harsh environments.