DIN 46235

DIN 46235

What is DIN 46235?

An industry standard which defines the applications, designation, and dimension of the compression lugs is DIN 46235. This standard can be used for one or many, fine or super-fine stranded conductors whose design is defined in DIN EN 60228. The Norma DIN 46235 pressed cable lugs are basically copper lugs which are available in different dimensions. They are made using purest copper, and thus they ensure the best connectivity between the wires and the device. These lugs are generally electroplated which enhances its corrosion resisting capabilities. The sizes and dimensions can be customized by the manufacturer according to the application requirements. They can be given a bright finish without tin plating as per order.

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What are the manufacturing standard for cable lugs as per DIN 46235?

The manufacturing standard for DIN 46235 cable lug is DIN 46263, which is an industry standard for non-insulated ring terminals.

DIN 46235 compression cable lugs and tubular lugs are produced from electrolytic copper (Cu 99.95%) and are tin plated Cu/Sn

Can we use DIN 46235 tubular lugs for high voltage applications?

The DIN 46235 tubular lugs are designed for high voltage applications up to 33kv. They are manufactured using copper tubes which are high in purity and they are tin plated too.

Barrel entrance of the DIN 46235 copper cable lugs and pressed cable lug is chamfered to allow easy conductor insertion

Things to consider while buying DIN 46235 lug?

There are a few things to consider while buying DIN 46235 lug, like:

  • The copper tube used in manufacturing the lug should be high in purity.
  • The size of lug required for application.
  • The number of lugs needed.
  • Whether tin plating is required.
  • The type of surface finish on the lug.
  • The price of the lug at the given manufacturer compared to the rest of the market.
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Advantages and disadvantages of DIN iso 46235 terminal

The benefits of DIN iso 46235 terminal are:

  • They can be used in applications that require permanent connection but cannot have direct connection.
  • They come with easy installation.
  • They are easy to take out as well which allows for easy repair and maintenance.
  • It can connect one cable to one or more cables.
  • They can resist oxidation and corrosion.
  • They are safe, reliable and long lasting, which means these terminals are good value for your money.

The disadvantage of using DIN 46235 copper cable lugs is that if they do not have the right dimension then that can lead to application failure. Poor placement can also lead to excessive contact resistance. Also, it should have the correct bushing surface. These lugs are a bit more expensive.

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What is the marking standard as per DIN 46235?

The Cable lugs DIN 46235 is marked with the following things:

  • The manufacturer’s logo and the part code
  • The type of conductor and csa in mm2
  • Stud Ø (mm)
  • It should also have the crimping die code marked

For any specialized requirements, the client can directly contact the manufacturer.